Hillary Clinton attacks Donald Trump for posting Pepe the Frog meme. Is this a racist post?

  • Trump campaign posts a racist meme

    Donald Trump's surrogates, including his son, have posted a racist meme on social media. The picture shows Pepe the Frog, a symbol used by white supremacists. Recently Pepe’s image has been the province of white supremacists, calling themselves “alt-right.” They’ve added swastikas and other symbols of anti-semitism and white supremacy to the image.

  • Yes, it was.

    Trump's post was racist, unfortunetly. THe meme and the frog were not originally racist, but they have evolved to become racist. This is an unfortunatle thing. Of course the irony here is that there is no way that Trump will ever understand how or why he is being racist, as he has no self-awareness.

  • Racist Memes Harmful

    Although the post is just a bunch of people in the same picture, it infers a racist connotation due to the nature of these men's rhetoric and language which is often racist and incendiary. The post is playing on the "deplorables" comment Clinton made. Apparently, it is a common meme shared among white supremacists.

  • The people in the "yes" column are idiots who will believe anything the Democrats say.

    Now the the Democrats think Pepe is racist. That poor frog. The people in Trump's "basket of deplorables" post are not Mexican because he's racist, they're Mexican because he's portraying illegal immigrants. He's perfectly fine with the immigrants who came here legally, his wife for example, is a legal immigrant. Trump is not racist. The Democrats are playing the "false accusation of racism" card to stir up people and get more votes.

  • No, it is not.

    This is hilarious. Hillary Clinton's campaign got trolled into thinking that Pepe has anything to do with white supremacy and now the media is running with it. Potentially the dumbest campaign in history posits the dumbest theory I've ever heard and the media is buying it. This is seriously the strangest line of attack to double down on. What even is politics in 2016

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