Hillary Clinton Collapses in Major Poll: Would she be a good president?

  • Yes, Hillary Clinton would be a good president

    The results of a poll are merely a snapshot of a small population and does not provide a good forecast. Hillary Clinton has been in the public realm for many years and clearly wants to serve the country. I think she would be a good president, dedicated and knows what she is getting into plus the experience to draw on others.

  • Yes, Hillary Clinton would make an excellent president.

    Hillary Clinton would make an excellent president for many reasons. For one, she has extensive experience in foreign policy as the former secretary of state. This gives her keen insight into many of the challenges the United States is facing on a global scale. Furthermore, Hillary has presented a respectful and progressive campaign, even working with Bernie Sanders to revise her platform and make a compromise on policies to appeal to more Americans.

  • A Clinton presidency would keep the staus quo alive

    While in many voter's minds a Clinton presidency would be favorable to the alternative, Hillary Clinton would ultimately work to maintain the status quo while in the White House. Voters on both sides can agree that we need to make serious changes in our country and foreign policies in order to move forward.

  • No she would not

    Hillary Clinton's popularity recently collapsed in a major poll. This goes to show that Americans have some degree of common sense after all. Hillary Clinton would make a terrible President. She constantly changes her opinion on issues to go with the general consensus of the moment. Not to mention she is racist and homophibic.

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