• Yes, it is not the first time she lies.

    The reality is if anyone of us or some low-level staffer or military person had done even a fraction of this, we would already be indicted and likely facing charges under the espionage act. If any of us had done this in the private sector we would be fired most likely and held liable for any data breaches that occurred. Her server was running on Exchange 2010, hardly the most secure server setup, and given what I have read about the setup it seems like her systems admin didn't have the foggiest idea about proper security. Using her unsecured Blackberry in foreign countries would have made it very easy for them to locate that server and break into it since none of the communication to it would have been secure enough to prevent it.

  • Yes, Hillary Clinton lied about her emails.

    I highly doubt that Hillary Clinton was doing anything with her emails that warrants her arrest, but she has been less-than-open about her private emails. That, to me, is indication that she is hiding something. She claims that her private server was only used for day-to-day operations, but I don't understand how that justifies using a private server. Hillary Clinton claims she has nothing to hide; but until she discloses everything, I believe she is trying to conceal something.

  • No, Hillary Clinton did not lie about her emails.

    No, Hillary Clinton did not lie about her emails. It is my opinion Clinton has been nothing but honest throughout the "email scandal" and it has been noted that her email protocols are similar to those of others who have held the position of Secretary of State. Regardless of whether she lied or not, in the long-run, this is not a relevant issue to the Presidential campaign and is being used by other candidates and their supporters to avoid substantive debate on the issues by dragging Clinton through the mud on an issue that has already been investigated and found to be inconsequential.

  • All politicians lie

    I don't think she lied exactly. I would say look at Trump, who lies constantly and when faced with his lies, continues to keep lying. He doesn't even care about truth. He thinks he can lie about something and make it true. Hillary's situation is different, and she may have done something improper, but I don't think she lied about it. She believed it was allowed or not strictly forbidden at the time, and the rules have since been clarified.

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