• Why can't she?

    Hillary knows about this field. She's experienced with it and seeing a woman as a president would be good. Women have good views on government and are just as powerful as men. She's also been a while a long time which will make her wiser. That's just my view on this.

  • Hillary Clinton Should Try Again

    I am not certain that I would vote for Hillary Clinton if she were to run in the presidential race in 2016, however, I believe it would be good for her to do so. I think Hillary Clinton has a good mind for politics and also has plenty of experience in the field. It would also be interesting to see what direction the country would take with a woman in the White House.

  • Never in the history of my existence!

    There are many, many, many, (and about 10 more many) reasons why Clinton should never be president. With the main reason being she is a liar. She can't even tell the truth about her own name, for Gods sake! She said she was named after the first person the climb Everest, Edmund Hillary. Seems awesome right? Nope! Clinton was 6 when he climbed Everest.

  • No, I am NOT "Ready for Hillary"

    With all the shit revolving around Hillary recently, I think we need someone like Bernie Sanders running this country. Sure, she's a woman, but that doesnt mean she has to run our country. Honestly, this is not the time for social justice, but instead a time to decide who is better for our country.

  • Don't trust her

    She lied about Benghazi for her own political interest. She would continue the liberal agenda that has weakened America, and the respect we need globally from our allies. She has not had success with opportunities...Whether it be healthcare as First Lady, not a leader in legislation as a Senator, and failed Secretary of State policies. Are you kidding me...RESET BUTTON FOR RUSSIA (which mistakenly said in Russian...RECHARGE). I guess they took her advice and recharged their power over us! Romney had it right about Russia and Putin.

  • Presidents need to be experienced and suited for the job.

    Hilary's experience serving as a congressional aide, First Lady, 8 years as a US Senator, and 4 years as Secretary of State. So her experience is far from outstanding ( outstanding being maybe twice what hers is).

    Suitability is her downfall. If the Benghazi disaster is not bad enough, just look at her claim to have dodged sniper fire in the Balkans, when those traveling with her said no such thing had happened.

    Please note well that I have said nothing about Obama, Bill Clinton, same sex marriage, women's issues, the national debt , Whitewater, Lewinski, the surge in Iraq, the bailouts, or the Arab Spring, but instead looked at her internal psyche of suitability for high office.

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