Hillary Clinton leads in four swing states. Will she win the election in a landslide?

  • Hillary Clinton will win the election in a landslide

    Unfortunately for all that is good and proper in the United States, Hillary Clinton will not only win the Presidential election, she will win in a landslide. Far too much emphasis is being put on poll numbers. Recently, such numbers have been wildly wrong. God help us all if this woman is elected.

  • Yes, I believe Hillary Clinton will win the election.

    I believe people are starting to understand and see how damaging Donald Trump will be to the United States if he's elected as President. His tone and undiplomatic ways is not playing well to the general public, and other countries around the world are hesitant to want to 'do business' with him either. Hillary then stands out as the number 1 choice.

  • No, Hillary will not win by a landslide.

    No, while Hillary Clinton does appear to have a lot of states supporting her, she will not will the election in a landslide. We are still months away from the election, and smaller parties are starting to get more attention. The votes will definitely be split among too many candidates for her to win in a landslide.

  • No, not with a landslide.

    Hillary will probably win the election, but it looks like it is going to be a close one. She will need all of her supporters to come out and support her in order for her to beat Donald Trump. The four swing states will help, but it will not be a landslide.

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