Hillary Clinton Says She Would Reschedule Marijuana: Should marijuana be legalized for recreational use?

  • Yes, it should.

    Marijuana is not a dangerous drug and it has many health benefits. There have been numerous studies that have shown that marijuana has never killed anyone and is less addictive than any other drug. It also helps with pain, naseau, and seizures to the point that people with cancer or debilitating pain can go back to work.

  • Marijuana less harmful than cigarettes, alcohol and a lot of fast food

    Numerous studies have shown that marijuana is less harmful than alcohol. There is not scientific data that proves marijuana is addictive or leads to harder drugs for the vast majority of users. For most people, it is one of the safest recreational drugs there is and may have some beneficial aspects for some users.

  • There are upsides and downsides to everything, but sometimes the cons outweigh the pros.

    Before you say anything, I'm a teenager who's been exposed to marijuana my entire life. In fact, my brother was recently arrested and thrown in prison for possession of it. You'd think that would make me believe it should be legal, but it really makes me hate it more. He shouldn't have had it, and I know he's had a very hard time because of the drug itself. I don't think it should be legalized. Of course there are health benefits, but there are plenty of already legal medicines that can replace it quite easily. There's medical marijuana for that anyway. I actually think cigarettes and alcohol are worse that marijuana, but I don't feel like that's reason enough to make it legal. If anything, we should illegalize cigarettes and alcohol. Of course, I know that won't happen based on the clear profit from the sales, but while we are still able to keep a potentially harmful illegal, we should.

  • Marijuana is addictive

    Marijuana may help with pain, but I don't agree it should be legalized. There are enough medications to help with pain. Moreover marijuana will not be helpful in case break-through pain. Legalizing marijuana will make it easily available for those who don't need pain relief. It sad to know many school kids who started with marijuana and end up with heroin.

  • Find something productive to do

    It is one thing for someone to use marijuana for medicinal purposes, such as, for cataracts, seizures, or easing the pain of cancer. Using it to sit around and get high is such a waste of time. There is so much more important endeavors that you can engage in. I don't see the need for legalizing recreational use.

  • No, I t will be a qaos.

    Even with restrictions and laws, Marijuana and other drugs are creating problems and casualties especially among the youth. If its made legal, it will extremely hard to control the spread and protect gullible young adults from falling into addiction. By making it legal, it may help responsible and deserving sick people get easy access for medicinal purposes but making it legal for recreation will be like giving a free reign for the usage of this controlled substance.

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