Hillary Clinton will unveil a plan to address "excess" increases in drug prices. Is her plan too Socialist?

  • Capitalism has been proven time and time again as the best long term solution to any high prices.

    Her plan will only deter pharmaceutical companies from buying patents to drugs. This will lead to a situation in which drugs, that would have otherwise been sold at an higher price in order to fund research will remain at an artificially low price. This means that the companies will have no particular incentive to further invest in the research of those drugs, which means that the innovations that would have occurred and made it possible for the same drugs to be produced at much lower price will pass us by.......

    Posted by: Laca
  • No, Hillary's plan is not too socialist.

    Hillary's plan to curb excess increases in drug prices is not too socialist. Actually, her plan will likely do little to reduce the costs of prescription drugs, so drug companies will really not take much of a hit. Many will complain that her plan does not go far enough in protecting consumers from price gouging at the pharmacy.

  • Life Saving Drugs Should Not Only Be Open to Rich

    Rich people's lives are not any more important than poor people's lives. It is extremely unjust that certain people are denied access to life saving drugs and drugs to manage a normal lifestyle just because they are not able to afford it. People are too selfish to care about poor people's healthcare, among other things. Capitalism destroys humanity.

  • No, it's not too socialist.

    No, Clinton's plan to address excessive increases in drug prices is not too socialist. The problem is that far too many pharmaceutical companies have become too greedy. They're not selling luxury cars or designer homes; they are selling medicines that some people need in order to live! These are life-and-death medications. Big Pharma needs to stop blocking people who make average wages from getting the medicine they need. Clinton's plan will address that.

  • Government should step in to assure Americans can afford medications

    It seems that whenever there is a politician who wants to make sure Americans are taken care of, people call that politician a Socialist. America is a capitalist country, but we have to make sure that greed doesn't have the consequence of people going without necessities. I believe people in the richest country in the world should not go without health care, food and shelter. If people want to label that as "Socialist," then that's their opinion.

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