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  • Trump has mastered integrity, while Hillary has mastered corruption.

    Donald Trump is going to be the 45th President of the United States whether you like it or not. He is the only candidate that is fit to live in the White House and govern this great country. By proposing a temporary ban on people from terrorist-related countries entering the U.S., he is only trying to protect us. Under Obama, we have had at least one terrorism attack every year. We cannot continue this pattern and we must take action for the sake of our nation's security. At our southern border, we have drugs being smuggled into our country and people entering the country illegally and producing children which will keep them in the country. These people are receiving welfare and are not working like legal U.S. citizens for a hard-earned paycheck. We need a wall on our southern border to prevent these problems from happening. The border patrol union has endorsed Trump for president. When Trump is pro 2nd Amendment, he wants people to use them to prevent these horrible terrorism attacks from occurring and he wants people to be able to protect themselves. People will be thoroughly screened before being able to purchase a weapon but that should be the farthest we go on gun control. Trump is going to repeal Common Core, Obama Care and numerous other mistakes made by Obama. Hillary Clinton wants to run a presidency that is identical to that of Obama's. In general, we cannot survive through a 3rd term of Obama. We need a Republican in the White House and we need one now. Make sure to vote for Donald J. Trump on November 8th.

  • Hillary Clinton Doesn't Care.

    HIllary has BETRAYED me!!! She doesn't care about you, me, Benghazi, America, or anything in between! If you were in that 2012 Benghazi attack, She wouldn't care! NO! She would leave you there to DIE!!!! I am very sorry Clinton! I trusted you but you broke my hear! I'd rather have a racist guy like Trump now!

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