• Hillary has no moral compass

    It's really difficult to even know where to begin...There's just SO much. She's a habitual liar, i.E.; sniper-fire, emails, transcripts, $15 minimum wage, etcetera. She is self-serving. She wants power and wealth above all else. If she did truly care about our nation she wouldn't have robbed the people of their voice. The votes were cast for Bernie so she threw them away or flipped them for her benefit. She committed election fraud and treason. She cheated and she has no sense of shame or guilt. Whatever it takes to get what she wants, no matter how it effects the rest of the world. She's pure evil.

  • The Very Defintion

    Hillary Rodham Clinton is a woman who wants to rule this country, and does not care who she has to hurt, or who endorses her in order to get there. Whether it's corporations who want the government to obey their every command, or totalitarian states like Saudi Arabia, Hillary will take money from anyone so long as it gets her closer to the White House.

  • Hillary is the basic definition of the words evil and liar.

    Hillary is a serial liar. She lied about Benghazi, costing an ambassador, as well as many other Americans in the embassy their lives. She lied about her private email server, potentially costing Americans security by leaking many top secrets to potential terrorists, and you can even make a video of Hillary arguing with herself based on the number of times she has lied. I am surprised Hillary was not arrested for all of the lies she has hidden in her closet of skeletons. Like Trump was smart enough to point out, the system is rigged. Hillary should be locked up in prison.

  • Hillary should be sentenced to death

    Hillary is a lying prick who has done nothing but take money from big companies in exchange for hispanic sex slaves. It is quite ironic that she has been endorsed by the KKK and yet those black monkeys still support her. I bet those chimps from africa enjoy getting whipped and lynched. Such hypocrisy from black people. This is why we need Trump, he is discreet and will protect AMERICANS, not blacks and he will evict all suicide bombing muslims (which is technically all, since we don't know when they will betray America and go back to their natural jihad ways).
    Arnold Benjaman
    PhD History and Literature

  • Hillary Is Evil

    She's been endorsed by the KKK, who has donated a total of $20,000 to her campaign. She admires the late Sen. Robert C. Byrd, a racist and member of the KKK. She also claimed to admire Margaret Sanger, a racist who called for the extermination of African-Americans via Nazi-like eugenics programs. She destroyed Libya and calls her work there an 'accomplishment' - President Obama calls it his greatest failure. She refuses to admit that she lied about Benghazi, where four Americans died in an attack - she called it a protest to an Internet video, then told the Egyptian prime minister that it was no protest, and then told the public and the families of the victims it was a protest. I do not want her anywhere near the White House.

  • Only a little bit...

    She's almost evil, but not quite. I disagree with all of her policies, and she lacks integrity, but that doesn't make her evil. I'll call her evil when she kicks a puppy. She shouldn't be president, but she's not as bad as her former fan Donald Trump, who is really evil.

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