• Early treatment of HIV in infants is not only effective but essential.

    The treatment of infants with HIV is absolutely essential due to the progressive nature of the disease. Early medical intervention with regards to chronic medical conditions can prevent the otherwise relentless progress towards further complications. This especially important with HIV which left unchecked can develop into it's most fatal form AIDS.

  • Early treatment methods for HIV on infants is effective.

    Early treatment methods for HIV on infants is effective. Sources say that HIV develops rapidly in infants and without treatment infants will die from AIDS before their first Birthday. With early detection of HIV in infants, and application of antiretroviral treatment, infants born with HIV during the 1980's and 1990's are at this point in time entering adulthood.

  • Effective HIV treatment in infants has a long way to go but is making huge steps.

    Whilst some tremendous pioneering work has recently been developed in treating infants for HIV, there is still no cure for HIV. Sadly the infant who was supposedly 'cured' of HIV in the US has been found to still test positive for the virus. Despite this, HIV treatment is more effective than ever and taken very seriously in terms of treating infants. Additionally, many infants born to HIV positive mothers are now being born without the disease due to intervention such as cesarean sections and bottle feeding, meanign that the infant does not develop the virus in the first place. We now understand more than ever about HIV and the stigma towards the disease is slowly eroding.

  • No, I don't believe it is.

    I think the most important time for HIV prevention is when the baby is already in the womb and during his or her birth. I think after these events it is too late to stop the spread of HIV. This new research proves that to be the case since the child now has the HIV virus.

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