HIV status should be made public: Does risk of HIV and lies about status justify making it public?

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  • HIV status should be made public,

    HIV status should be made public.Because my making the HIV status of a person it will help in reducing the deadly transmitted disease AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome ).It will also help in emergency cases like accident in which there is a need of blood to a person,then if the HIV status of a person is known already, the process of donating blood to the victim will reduce thereby making the process fast.

  • Medical records are private

    There are many infectious diseases transmitted by close contact with others, not just HIV. A majority of people are tight-lipped about their full medical conditions. Neither of those reasons are good enough to justify an abusive invasion of privacy by a public posting of targeted medical conditions. Who would decide and where would it stop? Healthy individuals must exercise discretion and personal responsibility in choosing relationships. Public medical records are not the answer.

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