Holland bill seeks to make everyone an organ donor by default: Should the US automatically all citizens as organ donors?

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  • No, making people 'donors by default' would lead to an enormous bloodshed

    No, every person should decide if he/she wants to donate his/her organs. If everyone would be obliged to donate their organs it would lead to a huge amount of illegal trading, i.e. organ trafficking and mass killing. Imagine that some criminals see this trafficking business as a good way of gaining fast cash. Many murders should happen afterwards.

  • No, U.S. citizens should not be an organ donor by default.

    No, the United States should not make all citizens organ donors automatically. While there is a shortage of organs in the country, there are people who do not want to become donors due to religious beliefs or medical history. Instead, medical professionals should discuss organ donation with their patients and develop a standard form for donation if the patient wishes.

  • U.S. should not follow Holland's lead

    The United States should not follow Holland's lead by passing a law that automatically makes everyone an organ donor, unless he or she explicitly opts out. In this country, there may be a religious reason not to be an organ donor. For instance, Jews do not believe in donating organs. While they can opt it, it is more difficult to do so.

  • No, The US should not force its citizens to be organ donors.

    No, The US should not force its citizens to be organ donors. People should have control over what happens with their body, even after death. Forcing people to become organ donors, in that sense, is similar to forcing women to have abortions. Yes, making abortions illegal would save a lot of lives, but it would also take people's sovereignty over their own bodies away, which is unacceptable.

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