Honeyguides are birds known and named for the fact that they lead humans (but not honey badgers) to bee colonies: Are birds intelligent?

  • Birds have more smarts than people think

    Honeyguides are a species of bird that many tribes in Africa use to help them find bee colonies. This means that birds are smarter than we give them credit for: they have specifically evolved to find food that would otherwise be difficult to uncover, which then supports the people that live in their same environment.

  • Yes, birds are intelligent

    The survival of birds over the ages, speaks to their intelligence and skills in nature. It is also known that birds are linked to dinosaurs in the evolutionary path. The use of birds is well known by native Americans for hunting skills and watching the birds survival. It is also known that birds follow a migration path and communicate to the flock.

  • Birds are very intelligent

    Often we take birds for granted, when in fact they are known to show some very intelligent qualities. One of the most intelligent birds is the Raven. The raven can imitate human speech, they are smart enough to take the line of a fisherman who may be impeding on their food supply and they continue to amaze scientists when they look at their continued strengths in foraging food in areas where sparse food is available.

  • Yes, birds can be intelligent

    Birds have evolved and adapted to their surroundings in many clever ways. Honeyguides and racing or carrier pigeons stand out as being intelligent on the behalf of human beings. Although birds still fly into windows and are caught by cats, so they still have moments when they are not so intelligent.

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