Hong Kong bookseller detained in China: Is the Chinese government too harsh on dissidents?

  • Yes they are

    The bookseller was detained because he published several books on leading politicians. This completely violates the right of the citizens of China. He was released on bail under the condition that he release the names of the people that bought his book. Surely this goes against any data protection act? Are they citing that this is an act of terrorism? The Chinese government should be ashamed of themselves. They should be protecting their citizens not imprisoning them for voicing their opinions.

  • China is too powerful.

    The government of China has way too many regulations regarding the private lives of its citizens. The country's one child policy is perhaps the most egregious example of this. Detaining a bookseller is ridiculous. People who live in China should be able to watch and read whatever they want without fear.

  • Yes, I think that the Chinese government is too harsh on dissidents.

    Yes, I think that the Chinese government is too harsh on dissidents because it is common to be jailed in China for speaking out against the government. The Chinese government is essentially a communist nation and the state has limitless power and does not like when its citizens criticizes its policies.

  • Chinese Government Is Too Harsh on Dissidents

    News flash: The Chinese Government is much too harsh on dissidents as the Chinese Government is much too over the top about most of the things that it does that the world watches in astonishment. Dissidents most probably do need to be dealt with but the Chinese Government goes overboard on this as it does much of what it practices.

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