Honoring a gay rights activist: Was Harvey Milk the best name for the Navy's new ship?

  • Yes, Harvey Milk should be honored

    Due to his military service and his political effort to further gay rights, it is a positive message for the Navy to honor Harvey Milk with his name on a new ship. This send a message of support and recognition for gays in the military that is long overdue. He took a courageous stand in the 1970s to be openly gay and set a path of political change.

  • Harvey Milk is an appropriate name for a Navy ship

    Harvey Milk is the best name for a new Navy ship. Milk was the first openly gay elected politician in California. It was extraordinarily brave and he underwent a lot of criticism and prejudice that was unfairly aimed at him. Much of the today's movement towards equality was in part due to his actions. This is the kind of behavior the Navy should honor.

  • This is America, why not?

    I do not see anything wrong with the Navy naming its new ship after gay rights activist Harvey Milk. America is great at ignoring issues, everyone knows these issues exist, we see and live them daily, but for some reason, until government steps in, they remain on the fringe of acceptance. This is just another example of that.

  • Harvey Milk? Really?

    When we ignore men of valor and heroism such as Chris Kyle, and recognize lackluster sailors all in the name of political appeasement and correctness, that sets a negative precedent. One of irreparable damage to our nation's formidability. After all, which strikes our enemies with more gastrointestinal pain; a ship named after a gay rights activist or one named after a fearsome sniper.

  • Harvey Milk is not a great name for a Navy ship.

    Harvey Milk is indeed a great and inspirational person. Unfortunately, his name does not reflect that. Perhaps they should have let him create his own name for the ship instead? The U.S. has the best navy in the world. But when you hear something like, "there goes the Harvey Milk," it doesn't give you that strong, powerful feeling of the navy.

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