Horror and Sympathy after Orlando attack: Do other countries' support provide comfort?

  • Yes, the support of other countries does provide comfort.

    Worldwide support following the terrible Orlando terrorist attack does provide comfort for the victims. The United States always offers support to other countries that have been attacked by terrorists. Likewise, it means a lot to Americans when other countries show their support and solidarity after an attack here. The best show of support that other countries could provide is for the World to unite, and defeat these terrorists groups.

  • All support is welcome

    Yes, support from other countries does provide comfort. Support from anywhere is important. We live in a global community and often we find support and commonality with those far from our communities and inner circles. A person in Belgium who has experienced a similar event may be able to provide comfort better than a next door neighbor with no common experience.

  • Yes, we are grateful

    I am a Floridian. I can tell you that we are very appreciative of the outpouring of love and support from around the world. When a catastrophic event like the Pulse Nightclub shooting occurs, it can be very isolating. Our community is very tight knit. We come together and reach out a hand to our neighbors during times of strife., which is always comforting but to have someone around the world show the same love , t is a testament that there are remarkable, loving people to counteract the random evil deeds we see.

  • Yes, other countries' support provides comfort.

    Yes, other countries' support provides comfort after the mass shooting in Orlando. It is comforting to know that people around the world care about what happens to people here. It is important for people to feel like they matter at a time like this. It is nice for the victim's families to see that so many people care.

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