• Stop talking about it.

    Today Americans put far too much importance on race. They feel so terrified of being racist that they try very hard not to offend people, so their hearts are in the right God love them! But race is very unimportant.

    For instance, a movie called "Les Intouchables" was produced in France in 2011 about the lovely relationship between a troubled teen who happens to be black, and an aristocrat, who is bound to a wheelchair after an accident and white man. Nothing about race at all, but about class differences. However when it came to the American critics, they deemed the movie racist and threw a huge fit, while the French said it was a beautiful movie about love, and when they were confronted by the race question, they responded "to be honest, I hadn't even noticed that the guy was black".

    Personally I think we need to stop worrying about what race someone is and be more tolerant of all the races, but also be understanding when someone says something a little off as well. We all make mistakes. Instead of seeing a black man and a asian woman, we should just see a man and a woman.

  • Theoretically it is possible.

    I've always know this fact to be true "you cannot legislate morality" no matter how good the intention or noble the cause is it never works. To change peoples hearts and minds requires two things education and experience. You need education to learn about what the impact of racism had on people oppressed by it putting yourself in their position and truly understanding what life was like for those people and you need to experience other cultures other than your own to know that we are all one in the same we all laugh, cry, get angry, and are happy at times. Without those two things we will continue to look at one another as "others" instead of "brothers and sisters"

  • How can we eliminate racism in the United States?

    Two factors need to be influenced for the eradication of racism in the United States.
    Racism or any social construct is manipulated through the economy. Most of the time we don't realize this, and this process is over time and can be complicated.

    Why are people racist? People are afraid.

    The Northerners didn't want the African-Americans at the time to move up North, because they are afraid of losing their jobs for individuals that would work for less. Some Americans are acting the same way towards Mexicans jumping over the border.

    If everyone had a job, or can live comfortably there would be less fear of the unknown to the other people stealing their jobs.

    The second factor is education. We need to eradicate the fear of the unknown. The best way isn't hiding behind misinformation and the lack of knowledge in the first place. Over time in history life has been getting better for everyone. Education is a key part to this.

    By fixing the economy and having a comprehensive economy would not only fix racism, but also the other issues that people have been affected by.

    Now, I am not saying this is possible in my life time or ever. However, there are two factors that need to be manipulated before ending racism in the United States at least within the United States.

  • Novant Hospital Racism

    Novant, formerly a “whites only” Presbyterian Hospital, racially discriminated against Dr. Ron Virmani when they terminated him from the hospital in 1995. Cleverly, they used the guise of “protection of patients” by labeling his patient care “problematic” in 24 charts. But North Carolina Medical Board found those charts to be completely within the “standard of care”. Dr. Ron Virmani, born in India but a US citizen and with complete US medical education, has suffered for 20 years and continues suffering. Please see this website for the horrible actions of the hospital and sign the petition for fairness and justice.

  • Racism is an idea

    Racism is an idea, you cannot kill an idea. You cant stop people from being racist, its impossible. You can only stop people from acting racist. Which, at this point, is the very least we can do in this world to make it a better place for everyone and everything.

    Posted by: LDG
  • There's a solution but it's pretty undesirable.

    If we tried to remake our country in the view of George Orwell then we could have a perfect country where racism didn't exist, where pain didn't exist, where though didn't exist...

    My point is that it would be nice if racism wasn't around but that free though and free speech cannot exist in the same sphere as a non-racist world.

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