How do Charles Messier's '110 Messier Objects' relate to the 110 Floor WTC Towers and the Millenium Monolith Replica Hilton Hotel?

Asked by: oldbiff
  • The Rabbit Hole: Charles Messier, his 11th Object, the Millenium hotel, Messier Craters, Mark Messier, Wild Duck Cluster, 2001 a space odessey, 94 stanley cup

    In 1976, the .1% in America feared a backlash from the proles about vietnam, so they consolidated power via the 1976 supreme court case buckley v valeo, allowing politicians to be bought and controlled by the super wealthy, since then the nhl has undergone some changes as well, stars were required, legends needed to be born, lore needed to be created, a cashcow awaited them if successful. The 1980 Olympic hockey outcome was rigged, the soviets should have won that game by 10 goals, then the messiah/messier 94 cup was the real kicked as the canucks laid down like dogs missing open nets in game seven in 94, consider the space theme as charles messier was a famous astrologer with 110 messier objects and mark messier was number 11, charles messier is buried in a paris cemetary in section 11, there were 110 stories in each wtc tower, and the hilton millennium hotel facing the towers was a replica of STANLEY ku(p)bricks movie monolith from 2001 a space odessey, thats according to the hilton family, the northstars then 'fell' from minnesota to dallas, rising again to win the cup in dallas, and the winnipeg jets (j) decended south to becme the coyotes (c) (rising phoeniex), just as jesus christ decended from heaven to be ressurected, how was he resurrected though? J.C. Was nailed to the cross, so the thrashers (T) ascended to winnipeg to become the jets (J), or jesus ascending to heaven on the cross, the 11th charles 'messier object' is the wild-duck cluster, minnesota became the wild, anaheim became the ducks soon after 94, in the movie 2001 a space odessey, the monolith is found in a crater, there aee messier craters on the moon and the millenium hotel, resembling the monolith from the 2001 movie overlooked the crater created when the two 110 story wtc towers cratered into a crater across the street, or next president could be hil(lary clin)ton, hilton website has a section called 'logos through the years', google it, the hilton logos all resemble the wtc towers being nixed from existence even before they were even conceived of! Regular people like to think that the wealthy would never do such a thing, or that the wealthy thnk and act as us regular people would, delve into all this and realize that the united states is their oligarchy game and you are their pawn, the reason why the .1 percent must pretend this is a democracy is because the size of the united states is too big to control as a dictatorship, not enough funds but the nsa is trying hard to listen in, the oligarchy has this natin by the balls, a globalist oligarchy that cares about their multinational business, not about your plight, they care about manufacturing drama that you will pay for, its all rigged and you got fooled for 40 years, their running joke.

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