How do you agree with more- Hobbes or Locke? 3 reasons you agree, 2 reasons why you do not

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ladiesman says2016-10-04T23:28:32.893
I think both philosophers make compelling points. Hobbes says we need government to prevent instability and chaos in society, and he's right. Locke believes the purpose of government is for humankind's well-being and to safeguard man's natural rights, and he also has a point. It is universally agreed that, to quote Abraham Lincoln, "Government of the people, by the people and for the people". I disagree with Hobbes on what he says about rebellion; he argues that the original "state of nature" is worse than a despotic ruler, therefore he concludes revolution is not justified. Locke said the opposite; sovereignty rests in the people and if the government becomes tyrannical, the governed have the right, even duty to revolt.