How much blame should be placed on Northport Veterans Affairs Medical Center after a veteran kills himself in its parking lot?

  • Hospitals are responsible while a patient is in their care.

    To my knowledge it is the hospitals responsibility to ensure all patients are not in life threatening condition whether it is physically or mentally. Many veterans have depressive and Ptsd symptoms from trauma in the war which a Medical Center specialized for veterans should recognize. I believe as soon as a patient checks in, the hospital is soley responsible if anything that happens to their patient with the exception of signing a waiver; if they were to have a procedure or to leave before seeing a doctor.

  • The blame doesn't fall on any person for the suicide of a veteran at the Northport Veterans Affairs Medical Center.

    The suicide is not to blame on the Northport Veterans Affairs Medical Center due to the fact that someone who is going to commit suicide often at times leaves no signs or clues to their sickness. This man could have committed suicide at home, in his car, in an abandoned alley, the point being he was going to commit suicide regardless of the location and chose to commit it outside this establishment. Therefore the responsibility is not to fall on the Medical Center, but on society itself, society needs to recognize that suicide is becoming a growing issue with Veterans and to begin to recognize the warning signs before it is too late.

  • The VA is underfunded

    It is easy blame this particular Veteran's Affairs Medical Center because it happened in their parking lot, but the problem is the underfunding of Veterans Affairs in general. We spend a lot of money to send people to war but we spend very little to help them when they come back. Thousands of veterans commit suicide because they don't get help, this one just happened to do it there.

  • No blame on the Center

    While the circumstances surrounding this incident can not be conclusively determined as to whether or not the person killing himself has any association with the Center, outside of the location, it most certainly has created public scrutiny on the Centers' practices as a fair medical institution. Most probably, further investigation is imminent.

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