HSBC was caught laundering money again: Are big banks too big to jail?

  • Big banks get away with everything.

    How many times has HSBC been caught now and when will they ever learn? Clearly the punishment they got the last time, which was probably just a fine, meant nothing to them, it was probably pennies to them given how much they pay their top managements. The government needs to get these big banks in order.

  • No, big banks are not too big to jail.

    No, big banks should be held to the same consequences as citizens and therefore the parties involved and the company itself should be convicted of a crime. Just as politicians and average citizens are prosecuted for laundering money, big banks should be jailed as well. A fair society relies on the same rules for all people regardless of status or wealth.

  • No, big banks are not too big to jail.

    Bankers who commit such fraudulent activities as laundering should be jailed for their awful crimes. While the banks themselves ought to be split up so as not to be "too big to fail" (as entirely separate issue), the bankers themselves should certainly not be exempt from prosecution by the court of law,

  • They aren't, but they buy government

    There's no realistic truth to "Too Big to Fail" OR "Too Big to Jail." Both are just PR statements coming from the unholy alliance between big government and big banks. The entire economy is run for the benefit of the bankers, and this is no different. In the perfect world, these companies would come crashing down and new companies would fill their place. As it is, the banks can just buy off the government and continue receiving their free billions.

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