Human rights council thinks Saudi Arabia "should be suspended from the UN": Does their conduct in Yemen warrant UN Suspension?

  • Yes, it supports terrorism.

    The conduct of Saudi Arabia in Yemen warrants UN suspension, so the Human Right Council is in order to as for the same. Saudi Arabia has been supplying weapons to Yemen rebels and this has seen a lot of human rights violation at a high scale. In other words Saudi is supporting and propagating terrorism.

  • Saudis Long Overdue for Exclusion from UN

    Saudi Arabia has a long history of not only human rights violations, but also financial and tactical support of terrorism, religious persecution, gender discrimination and abuse, and many other offenses. Its recent actions in Yemen are yet another bullet point on a long list of violations. The question, then, is not whether the Sauds should be kept out of the UN, but rather whether the list has finally become long enough that the West considers the violations more egregious than oil's importance.

  • Yes, membership into a peaceful organization has requirements

    The UN is a coalition of world powers seeking peace and prosperity for all. By allowing within their doors governments and organizations that are not promoting peace, that are actually contrary to this, they are denying the full power they would otherwise yield. Russia is a prime example of a hostile nation that should be barred from the UN for good reason, as is North Korea, China, and now Saudi Arabia. Let not warmongers have a vote in a peaceful organization.

  • Yes but they are not the first to slide by...

    There is no doubt that human attrocities have occurred on a daily basis in Yemen. Let's consider, for a moment, how the world views Saudia Arabia. It is one of the richest countries in the United Nations and we all know that money, not concern for our fellow human beings, rules the world. I doubt very much that Saudia Arabia will be pushed out of the United Nations for that reason alone. Sad but true.

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