• We do not deserve to be here.

    But even if we say these things we still continue to be a d*** to the planet, only few people should ever exist. We unbalance the harmony and nature by wasting resources, damaging everything and everyone around. Conclusion: Many people are aware of this continue to do bad things and some even WANT to do this.

  • We are the worst.

    OK, well, we are basically destroying the planet and threatening the survival of millions of species. We're lazy, dangerous, and sadistic animals. We are so stupid, we don't realize that there are millions and millions of other animals out there who have fallen victim to our selfish ways. I mean, come on, we are the worst.

  • Demonstrably, Unquestionably True

    Human beings are the worst thing to happen to every living species on the planet, including other humans. As a species we consume and reproduce without regard to how it affects our local and general environment. We alter and destroy environments wholesale again without regard for the repercussions. We produce waste and dangerous byproducts on an enormous scale, again... Without regard to the consequences.

    The only species that we could potentially be said to benefit are viruses, and then only because we're doing a good job of wiping out weaker variations.

  • 100%true.Humans are worst than animals .Killing of humans on industrial scale for self interests has proved this.

    Humans should be annihilated and animals should be given the chance to enjoy life.Humans are basically hatred,Warriors ,greedy .Killing humanity everyday in wars is a proof that humans are waste of space.Animals and birds deserve best life on earth than humans.Humans can only make it worse.The worst human being is a human being

  • We are the most vicious species

    We kill for no reason. We discriminate per popular demands. We don't realize what an insignificant speck of dust we are in this gigantic cosmos with billions of stars in the milky way and billions of galaxies.

    If there is a GOD then he/ she is thinking creating human species was the worst decision I ever made. I wish I could destroy this species and see if I can create something better next time as I have learned from the mistakes I made by creating human ..,

  • We need another meteor to wipe is out

    Not only are people extremely rude, shoving religion and their own beliefs down other people's throats, commiting terrible crimes such as murder, and bullying for no reason, but we are also destroying our only home. We may be smart, being able to learn how to use electricity and all, but we are stupid enough to destroy mother earth and the food chain. We have forced so many species to extinction and endangerment because we wanted their pelts, we enjoy "hunting" and we are greedy for land. Millions of forests are lost every year because of us and our cars release too much C02. We torture animals for fun and raise them miserably for milk or food. I can go on and I'm 100% ashamed of being a human, I would rather be a worm tbh

  • We are the worst!

    Things humans do: pollute, kill other animals for no good reason, we are destroying/polluting the world with our huge cities, and we even make machines that kill each other. Is this really what we intend to do to our world!?! I mean, come on. Humans are obviously the worst animal.

  • Humans are not only capable of cognition , but also of inflicting unspeakable pain

    We use our gift of intelligence to cut down trees , torture animals , destroy atmosphere and eco systems .Yet we pray god to forgive our sins so that we can commit more. Heck , if someone can person can praise and do anything to appease an imaginary being , why is it hard to give some respect for fellow beings? We play god by trying to 'bring an ecological balance' which wouldn't be necessary if we didn't destroy it in the first place.The irony is that we do it all to appease ourselves , yet we aren't united atleast.We hate on people with different race , level of intelligence,different religion,different color , basically anything different,full of vile and jealousy.We don't care for anything we aren't directly involved with . We are controlled by money , media and rich , yet we happily believe in a bubble called 'freedom' , so much to please ourselves we don't care to think if our choices are affecting anyone else. We are all about rights and nill about responsibilities

  • Sterilization of the Species Mandatory

    If humans ensured their destruction with required sterilization for all infants, and complete obliteration of all fertility clinics worldwide, then in 100 years time the planet could once again begin to heal.

    Humans destroy. It is what we do. We kill other species, be it animal or plant; we take what isn't ours and exploit it however we can; we ensure the degradation of the environment wherever we go.

    I know this is a hard fact to face, but it is time to stop pretending. Everything else on the planet will improve when we are gone. We bring nothing good to the planet; we only entertain ourselves while simultaneously obliterating everything else.

    Sterilize your infants. Sterilize yourselves. Kill yourself if you have the courage.

  • Power hungry, destructive, ignorant

    We kill tons of other innocent life forms throughout the Earth voluntarily and involuntarily. We pollute the earth without caring what it will do to other species. All we care about is wealth and power and resources and thanks to that war comes out which harms the earth and destroys ourselves.

  • The yes votes are laughably ironic

    By being able to identify the potential we have to be the worse species ever we prove that we are the best species ever. Lol. The fact that we are communicating across oceans about how we can better take care of the planet is proof positive. Our potential for limitless compassion and our disgust with our potential for limitless apathy and sometimes willful destruction is proof positive that humanity is beautiful. To those who like to portray evil as unique to the human species are willfully ignorant to the truth that every evil thing a human has ever done was first done in the animal kingdom. Yes; genocide, infanticide, homicide, suicide, rape, killing for sport, enslavement even war. Yes even war. Ants hold aphids hostage and use them like we use cows and colonies will fight each other to the death. If ants had scientist they would have dropped nukes on each other. So no we aren't the worst we simply have the most potential.

  • That honor goes to the Kakapo

    The kakapo is a large, stupid, ugly flightless parrot. It evolved that way because there was plentiful food and few predators on its oceanic island home. Because they evolved to be flightless, stupid and helpless in general, humans didn't even have to make a slight effort to endanger them. Not that humans aren't bad, but kakapos are the worst.

  • We are a motivational tool to evolution.

    1. We are working on an anti-comet astroid, to keep earth safe.
    2. If we wipe out species, so what? BETTER animals will evolve to safely coexist with us. Pigeons, seagulls, rats, will evolve, as tigers, rhinos, and elephants phase out, superior species will emerge.
    3.Animals aren't saints. Chimpanzees kill infants and the parents of the infants willingly accept that murderer as a boss. In human culture, infanticide is frowned upon. Even if we become cyborgs to cope with pollution, surely, the world would be fairer. And no animal cares about disabled members of its species. Only we do. And only muscular jerk animals are allowed to have sex. I think a planet inhabited solely by cybernetic humans and their domesticated pets is a much fairer and more peacful world than any violent jungle. The world will have order. No more infant raping, mysogenistic baboons, chick murdering birds, just human cyborgs coexisting peacefully.

  • Of course not

    I think that since people were given free will and many people have abused that gift by making bad decisions that it may seem that humans are bad but in fact we are the very essence of the Earth and without us there would be no purpose for the Earth.

  • Some humans are capable of wonderful things

    Yes we are the worst species on the planet, but at the same time we are capable of such beautiful things. I think that most of humanity should be eliminated. However, there are some people left (not many) that do make this world a better place.

    I wish humans were given a chance to start over. Wipe out all the evil and greed and leave the world to the good.

  • You've got to be kidding me

    Humans are not the worst species ever. For all those who said 'yes' good job because you just unintelligently called yourselves inferior to the other species, or in other words "SHIT". Humans are ingenious species, the only species on earth that are supplemented by a great creative mind. When together, humans have the ability to overcome adversities in life, to resolve challenges and have the control to create works of beauty which have globalised the modern world. Not all humans are "power hungry, destructive, ignorant or a d***. There are people out there who do care about what happens to the earth, who do care about other species, who don't discriminate and people who do care about the repercussions that our actions have. HUMANITY IS A GIFT. Humans are gift, life is gift so make it worthwhile. We are all responsible. Humans are amazing and those who don't see that are the ones who will inadvertently destroy themselves and others around them. Open your eyes and look around, there is so much wander, splendour and so much to be thankful for, because us humans have created it. Humans have generated, fabricated, constructed, initiated, designed, developed, established it.

  • Nature is neutral towards its products.

    We homo sapiens are also product of nature and nature is neutral towards us. We are the product of evolution whose mantra is survival of the fittest. We have reached here not due to free lunch as in nature there is nothing called as a free lunch. We have fought every inch of the planet earth and it is our right to exercise our sovereign power. Therefore we can not be called as the worst of species.

  • This debate is funny.

    FUCKFUCKFUCKFUCKFUCKFUCKFUCKFUCKFUCKFUCKFUCKFUCKFUCKFUFKCUFK f f ff f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f

  • People who think Humans are the worst species ever are the worst.

    The human argument that humans are bad because they dont care enough about other species is laughably ironic. I am going to attend the bumblebee meeting after this post the topic is, "What we can do to help humans." No other species feels an obligation to other species. And most species feel only a slight obligation to their own offspring.

  • Survival means nothing

    Once we have lived, what does it mean to survive? What will happen
    when our evolutionary experiment of society has failed us, and all we
    have left is our humanity? This planet will survive longer as a galactic
    object then it would with the human infection consuming its very body.
    Countless planets across the universe remain empty but still full of
    movement and life. Humans ruin everything that is natural. Humans
    will end up destroying the planet for their own petty, insignificant fantasies and desires.

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stephannoi says2016-05-22T08:46:11.670
LOl.Laughable why so many people hate themselve.
anniy says2017-02-28T22:01:15.987
Disguting humains always destroy everyting that walk....!!!! Killing the only home planete we have....!!!! I rather live wiith animals only...........!!!!!!!!!!
¸¸¸¸¸¸¸¸¸¸Ca aucun respect pour la Vie............!!!!!!! Humains se croit supérieur quel joke ..............!!!!!!! Dla marde les humains j'aime mieux les animaux que mon espèce qui savent que détruire.....................!!!!!!!!!! .............