Hundreds gather for vigil remembering Atlanta rapper Shawty Lo. Was alcohol a factor in his death?

  • Yes, it was

    While there is a possibility of someone getting into a car crash that only involves one vehicle when they have not been drinking it is very rare and usually only happens when the driver is very inexperienced or the weather is bad. Neither of these things were true in the case of Shorty Lo's crash.

  • Yes, alcohol was likely a factor in the death.

    Unfortunately, alcohol was likely a factor in the death of Atlanta rapper Shawty Lo. Alcohol is still a very dangerous and addictive substance; many believe it is deadlier than some drugs. Alcohol deaths in the United States are still high. Therefore, it is very possible that alcohol played a role in the death of Shawty Lo too.

  • Yes, alcohol was a factor in his death.

    Yes, alcohol was a factor in his death. Crashes that late at night usually involve drugs or alcohol. It was a single car crash, so one can only assume that he ran off the rode. He was probably distracted by something going on inside the car. Or he was so drunk that he ran himself off the road.

  • Yes, Alcohol may have been a factor in the accident.

    After listening to an interview with Shawty Lo's manager, Johnny Cabell's, based on the nature of the accident and the time of night and the fact that he had just buried his father the previous Saturday, it is likely that alcohol was a factor in the accident. Unfortunately two other individuals appear to have been injured as well.

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