I See Red: Does altering the clothing color in your profile on a dating website make you more attractive?

  • Yes, The color red is commonly acknowledged as being linked with passion and sexuality.

    Scientists recently conducted several experiments to examine whether red really enhances men's attraction to women. They presented several groups of men a black-and-white photo of the head and upper torso of the same woman. Men in one group viewed the photo against a red background, while men in the other groups viewed the same photo but against a different colored background such as white, green, or blue. Men who viewed a woman against a red background perceived her as being more attractive, more desirable and sexier.

  • I think it might.

    Some colors just look better in pictures and if your picture looks good then you should look more attractive too. I think brighter colors attract the eyes so brighter colors may work best in profile picture. When it comes to bright colors, it should be a tasteful shade, not some tacky or garish shade of neon.

  • Yes but mostly no.

    Red is an excellent color for attracting someone to view you. So if you want to get noticed more, you should wear red. Both parties will find you more noticable.

    However, let's put itlike this, if I were to ask you which Wasp was more attactive, a Yellow Jacket, or a Red Jacket you're probably not going to tell me either or, it will come down to personal preference.

    Now you might notice the red jacket faster in your house due to it's color however.

    The thing is, when you're on a dating site, you should wear more flattering colors If red happens to be more flattering on you, it will only help. But if it isn't, it will deter. Like my wasp example. You'll notice it faster, but that only makes you get the run response faster.

  • People think it does

    The study showed that people who see red clothes think you are more open to sexual activity, but that doesn't mean it makes a person more attractive. There is more to attraction than looks, and if someone wants sex with you because you signalled with the red, it doesn't mean they find you attractive. It might just mean they want sex.

  • No, altering your clothing color in your profile on a dating website does not make you more attractive.

    No, people who alter their clothing color in profile pictures on a database are not necessarily more attractive because there are other physical attributes people are viewing beyond the clothing. While bright clothing may capture more attention or cause others to take notice, it doesn't change the way a person looks in a profile picture.

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