If gun confiscation is enacted in the USA, will there be a second revolutionary war?

Asked by: Pyr0maniac
  • It is hard to say yes

    Yes, I do think that Americans will fight back if guns are to be confiscated but I do not know how we would fight back. Would it be strictly political or physical? I think that it would be more physical. After all, what would you do if military barged into your house without notice? If you don't think that gun confiscation will be aggressive, look at what happened in New Orleans when Hurricane Sandy hit.

  • Yes, but we won't have to wait that long.

    The day that Obama passes his unconstitutional and downright evil mass amnesty is the day American citizens will hold up their guns against the U.S. Government. We're saying ENOUGH IS ENOUGH and that will be the final straw that breaks the camel's back. Long live America, death to liberal Democrats.

  • It would start a massive War with the U.N.

    If gun confiscation is enacted the federal Goverment will start by useing local police departments on legal gun owners some cops and some departments will fallow orders others will not this will devide states and city’s left or right there will be a coup of police then the feds then the military will fallow in a coup. Who will fire the first shot is unknown weather it be a civilian gun owner or a police officer fallowing orders. The U.N. Will then get involved and the soldiers of the U.N. Will attempt the confiscation along with the ATF and the war will rage on for years many years.

  • A civil war would probably break out, slowly but inexorably

    It would be slow at first, with so-called elite units doing the confiscation but enough people would decide to stand and fight. How it would turn out is anyone's guess but most lunatic liberals don't even know how to fire a gun, much less load or maintain one. It would be a mess but in the end, gun confiscation would fail. But,
    NEVER TRUST A LIBERAL; they don't want a few new "common sense" laws, their ultimate goal, as stated by someone above and by most liberals as well, is to confiscate every single firearm, sword, spear, pole, axe, etc., just like they have done in Britain and Australia.

  • Of course there will be war

    Because freedom is worth fighting and dying for! A military coupe is highly possible, because many soldiers will not comply with killing citizens in an effort to deprive them of their liberty, which include their own liberty and their family's freedom as well. Without a police and military force, these power thirsty politicians cannot enforce their evil laws that prevent citizens from protecting themselves.

  • If you look at america

    If you look at how gun crazy the people in america are it might, it's stupid I know but hey, gun crazy people gonna be crazy, not that it would change anything, honestly the wole ''we need weapons to fend off the goverment'' argument is shit, there are these vehicles called tanks, you can bring a thousand pistols and rifles and it would still not give a shit.

  • USA's Darkest days

    Yes it would and it would be similar in nature as the civil war. It would be a war as the US has never seen and countries from all over the world would want to do there best to influence the outcome. Many countries feel we should bow down to the United nations already and give up our guns. The process has started it's just when do the Feds and the world pull the trigger and try to take them.

  • When the ground is already saturated, any rain can cause a flood.

    For two week, nearly every day, massive thunderstorms brought heavy rain to my area. The ground became saturated with water. Then last week tropical storm Hermine brought a deluge of rain, and my yard flooded. The ground that was saturated could not hold any more water, so we had flood conditions.

    The American people, similar the the saturated ground are full to the point of over-spilling with elite political classes destruction of our country. I think that we understand that an attack on the rights of one is an attack on all. Sure, the confiscators my seem to have to upper hand for a while, but resistance will steady grow and win the day.

    To those who say, "if you don't have any weapons, how can you resist", that is a stupid comment. The whole point of the debate is "If gun confiscation is enacted" - not if gun confiscation is accomplished.

  • Civil war will happen

    It will happen when clinton is elected and stacks the supreme full of anti gun leftists, just because all the socialist states have huge population which translates into electoral votes. Then some liberal and a few other states will comply with order and rural counties in those states would likely be crushed. But then in the states that are in the South and Midwest will secede and form a alliance. Which the southern states would have plenty of resources to fight successfully considering all the military installations in these states. Which majority of military would resign and join the free states giving these states an advantage. And in federal states there would be the largest resistence/ insurrection in the history of man. Which would mean a resistence movement and a highly trained main army force and miltia, the federal government would not stand a chance unless they used nuclear weapons.

  • A civil war will happen if this takes place!

    The american people will not stand for a rule imposed by a chosen few! This will lead to 2nd civil war . Which will destroy this great nation. I ask you is really worth it to. Bow down to a chosen few? The answer is no! This is not our way!

  • No, we would not be able to fight back.

    No, there would not be a second revolutionary war if gun confiscation was enacted in the USA, because without guns, people would not be able to fight. If the guns are confiscated, the federal government is so powerful that it would be able to control the people and the people would not be able to fight back.

  • Well, not exactly.

    One: The Revoluntionary War was a war the United States fought against Great Britain in order to become a free a separate nation. This war took place because the Americans wanted to run their own government.

    Two: While the right to own guns is established with the second ammendment, this has nothing to do with a fight for freedom. A right to own guns has nothing to do with restrictions on freedom of people. Owning guns allows people to hunt and feel protected, yes, but it also allows people to murder people.

    Three: How could there be war if there's no guns?

    Four: It wouldn't be a war. It would be a whole bunch of people rebelling and eventually having a few fights and having things sorted out. If it even was anything close to a war, it wouldn't be a second REVOLUTIONARY war.

  • That would be blowing it way out of proportion

    Now, I know people are attached to their guns, for some odd reason, but a revolution? That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard, and I've heard some stupid stuff today. There will be protests, riots, most likely, but a full scale war? What are we going to fight with if they have all our guns? Hmm?

    Posted by: O.Z
  • Well, sort of.

    There will be war, probably. But it would be a new Civil War, not a Revolutionary War. Especially in Conservative States, and the Midwest, you'll tend to find that people will be firing back against federal agents who come to confiscate guns. Of course, people will look for a safe haven, which will be Texas. I'm guessing that if there is a gun confiscation, at least Texas will secede, and it will be the choice of the U.S. Government to spend money to fight another war against Americans.

  • Too late already

    There would be outrage and people would stash guns. Some would be made example of through harsh prison sentences. Some may even attack government buildings, but they would be branded as terrorists obviously and used to discredit any uprising against such gun confiscation. Ultimately though, the state police would probably have control over the confiscation of personal fire arms and the federal courts would enforce the judicial penalties. We are too fractured and dis-empowered as individuals in this country to organize an actual uprising against the government, because you would first have to fight the local police agencies...And you would be doing so alone or maybe with a few friends at best, which is a hopeless endeavor. For the pockets of larger resistance through locally organized militias, they would feel the full brunt of the DHS through raids backed by State police or military units. I'm sorry to say, but the idea of the second amendment at best protecting our rights is on paper only. In reality I think its already too late to counter the efforts of our government if they cross the line because they are too intertwined within the fabric of our society.

  • There wouldn't be.

    I'll tell you what would happen.

    Nobody would want to do anything about it. I'd say that I would fully support an armed rebellion. However, the fact of the matter stands: They'd complain about it, State governments would support them, and the government would give up on supporting its legislation when faced with a very large factor of adversity. They would realize that controlling firearms wasn't worth the hassle, and would stand down, likely repealing such legislation.

    With that said, it would politically polarize the nation to a point that I doubt Republicans and Democrats could be friends, but a civil war wouldn't be likely. In order to confiscate guns, you need someone to do the confiscation. Most liberals who wish to limit the rights of U.S. Citizens wouldn't want to get their hands dirty, and the people who would actually be willing to do their dirty work could be killed at any moment, so that's another massive negative.

    It would be a law that nobody would enforce.

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Pyr0maniac says2013-06-25T01:00:26.043
Maybe civil war is a better word choice for this topic instead of revolutionary war.
JustCheNo says2013-06-25T01:30:20.397
I like revolutionary better, since it means to "causing a complete or dramatic change"

The only "change" Obama has brought is the destruction of the Constitution.