• If it was

    The resolution says if murder was legal would you do it, and I say I definitely would. Damn you teacher, making me fail, now you die. Or you sly shopkeeper giving me sweets instead of change, now I am going to stick a knife through you. It would be a chaotic world dominated by physically fit people, but if somehow it were legal, we would have to kill to survive. And so I would.

  • Why not murder someone

    My parents are abusive to me and my sibling. If I could legally kill them, I would. Murder helps with overpopulation. We could feed people to animals instead. I wish I was born into royalty. Now, I have to get that by myself, if I want to kill people (which I do.) I would Kill the leader of the Mormon cult.

  • Um no, no

    If people just go around killing people just because it became legal it just show hot bath sh** crazy they are shows that persons character and no one wants to hang around a killer people want to feel safe not someone who would go around shooting people they hated or stabbing I disagree best just to get people in prison and sort it out that way because killing people will affect you and its mental and you got to think how life would change if you could go around killing it would be one big bandit war they would be no society left.

  • I don't have the right to

    I don't think I have the right to take anyone else's life away. They deserve to be on earth as much as I do. If people wants to kill people just to kill them, the world is definetly going in the wrong direction. I most certainly wouldn't kill anyone just because I could.

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Shawn_Hartnell says2016-07-03T03:18:17.493
The law doesn't stop me from killing anyone. I don't want to.