If students don't take education seriously, should their teachers?

  • Teachers should take it seriously

    Even if students do not take education seriously, the teachers still should. Teachers are expected to be professional at all times, and part of being a professional means that you as a teacher take education seriously so that maybe one day so will students and they will then be more successful.

  • Yes they should

    If some students aren't taking their education seriously that doesn't mean teachers should take it out on them AND the ones who do care. Even the ones who don't care, hey shouldn't be overlooked, kids are drama queens, pay attention, you might change one of their lives. All I'm saying

  • Yes, teachers should take education seriously.

    I believe teachers should take education seriously. In the world of education, they are the drivers who are steering the path of the young people. Teachers know the value of education and how much it makes a person employable in the future. Young people can't often see the relevance of education at their young age. Schoolwork might seem boring and tedious, especially if it requires reading a classic novel and writing a 500 word essay about it. True teachers take their job seriously.

  • Kids have not yet fully developed their internal motivation

    Children are not able to think ahead and plan for the future in the same way adults can. Many dont take their education seriously because they live for the here and now and they don't see that the things they are learning are relevant. Teachers know this is important to their future.

  • Teachers should always take education seriously.

    I think that regardless of whether or not a student is taking their education seriously, teachers should always be taking education seriously. Anything less and they have no business being a teacher. Teachers should always be encouraging students, regardless of how appreciative the students are of that encouragement and support.

  • No, teachers should also take education seriously even if students don't

    No, I think that teachers should take education seriously even if students choose not to. Teachers are professionals who get paid well to take their job seriously. It is also the job of the teacher to try and get students to take their education seriously so that they can change social norms with this view.

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