If the Judeo-Christian G-d were proven to be real would you worship Him?

Asked by: blackkid
  • A question of knowledge:

    The most common reason I hear for people not believing in a deity of any sort or spiritual and supernatural existences is the lack of proof. However what would you do if there was not only proof but irrefutable proof that at least one deity existed and their doctrine was verifiable and true?

  • There is no good reason for the three word headline limit.

    An omnipotent and frequently wrathful being of unlimited power is discovered to not only be real but is determined to torture you for eternity if you don't obey his/her thousand some page book of proper eating habits and etiquette. He blatantly tells you to worship him or else. Yeah, I'm pretty sure I would obey.

  • God doesn't think like a fallible human.

    Nor does anyone in the universe know enough about God to subject Him to your judgement. In His mercy, He's allowed us the freedom to believe what we want. Free will is the only gift that can't be taken away. God does not force you to worship Him, because first of all He doesn't really even need it. Second of all, He wants you to love Him by choice. I am not surprised that you hate Him so much. God even left just enough evidence on your side so you wouldn't feel "forced."

    His infinite mercy also allowed evil to exist, because as the omnipotent God, He can bring goodness out of the most evil thing (e.G. The Crucifixion). Nothing He created was originally evil, and anything "evil" was made evil by sick humans.

    God gave us an entire universe (ex nihilo), and second chance to achieve eternal happiness. Because I believe in justice, I say we give to God what is God's. Even though we can't repay for that, it would be just thing to do if we praised him and glorified him as much as we possibly can.

    How dare you call him a criminal? You obviously can't know whether or not the deaths of those in the OT weren't truly justified. After all He's given the human race, I believe he deserves the worship we give Him.

  • Of course, he's God. I fail to see the purpose in saying G-d instead of God. Only for that which doesn't exist . . .

    It's fascinating to see so many in the no column.

    I think this answer here reveals something far more enlightening than mere opinions regarding Christ.

    Look at how many say that even if they knew Christ was God, that they would still reject Him.

    Tell me, what's worse for a person at judgement day, to do wrong knowing they are doing wrong, or to do wrong ignorant to the knowledge that it is wrong, to know who God is and still reject Him, or to be ignorant of who God really is when you reject Him?

    Either way, you go to hell, so which is worse? The Bible says that to know and still reject God is worse.

    Look how many say that even if they knew, they would still reject God.

    Their ignorance, our inability to prove God definitively, it's a mercy extended to those who would reject Him anyway because if they saw the proof, and still rejected Him, it would be worse for them come judgment day.

    Even in their hateful rhetoric, they prove how loving and merciful this God is, this non-existent entity that they utterly despise.

  • The Only Proof

    The only way to prove the divinity of Christ would be for him to return, as in the rapture and 2nd coming. If that were to happen it would be pretty obvious some bad stuff is about to happen so it would only make sense to worship him to avoid getting ripped apart by demons. Until then, Christians are nothing but crazy cultists.

  • Why would anyone?

    He is a capricious and genocidal absentee father figure. He is the personification of patriarchy.

    The Christian and Jewish god is ridiculous. The only reason people still worship him was the genocide perpetrated in his name.

    1. The Passover - Innocent babies slaughtered in their cribs. Only a monster or a Lannister would order that. God is as merciful as Tywin.

    2. . The conquest of Canaan - God endorsed the ethnic cleansing of the Canaanites. He is as vicious and uncompromisingly racist as Hitler or Stalin.

    3. The rape of midianite women by the followers of Moses.

    When they took the captives, spoil and booty to Moses..., Moses was enraged.... 'why have you spared the life of all the women...? So kill all the male children. Kill also all the women who have slept with a man. Spare the lives only of the young girls who have not slept with a man, and take them for yourselves".Num 31:7-19

    4. God endorsed the genocide of the Amorite kingdom: "We captured all his cities and laid whole towns under ban, men, women and children; we spared nothing but the livestock which we took as our spoil".Deut 2:33-35

    5. Genocide against the Transjordanian kingdom of Og "We captured all his towns at that time... Sixty towns... We laid them under ban... - the whole town, men, women and children, under the ban".Deut 3:4-7

    6. Jericho was genocide - "Then Yahweh said to Joshua, 'Now I am delivering Jericho and its king into your hands". So, when "the walls of Jericho came tumbling down", the Jewish warriors "enforced the ban on everything in the town: men and women, young and old, even the oxen and sheep and donkeys, massacring them all".Joshua 6:21

    Just a few examples of why this particular god is useless, even if proved real.

  • No I wouldn't.

    The Judeo-Christian god is nasty and evil, and thoroughly undeserving of respect, let alone worship. I am sorry if that offends some, but the god described in the pentateuch (torah) offends me. I suppose it is just as well such a being doesn't exist, or else I would be destined to suffer unimaginable torment forever. By the way, why did you have to type g-d in the topic, and not god? Just curious.

  • I still wouldn't bow down.

    When discussing with my friends or family that are still faithful, sometimes they'll ask:

    "What if he's real" or "is there any possibility that you could come to believe again?"

    And, of course, being sensible, I suggest that there's a possibility (however unlikely) that he may exist, or he might part the clouds and flick me in the head so that I may know he truly exists. But the answer is even if I come to KNOW beyond a shadow of a doubt (not just believe as I once did) that God was real, I still wouldn't be interested in him or his teachings unless he did some SERIOUS explaining.

    At the risk of being bombarded with replies, I'll just simply put that his character is revealed in the Bible, and with what experience and knowledge I have of psychology, he strongly resembles a highly abusive narcissist with control issues and a long, sad history of victim blaming.

    This personality profile fits very closely with the men from that time (for obvious reasons) and just like I wouldn't bow down to a 2nd century man, I wouldn't bow down to any being that acts like him, regardless of the consequences.

  • I wouldn't. It's like asking, if Hitler was alive today and threatening you to worship him, would you?

    I wouldn't. Maybe I'll pretend to worship him and do as he asks but in my heart I wouldn't sell my soul to such a person. And a god that threatens you with torture and making you see the people you love get tortured, is a deity that does not deserve to be worshiped or respected or even loved back. But oh well, bow down and pray, cause if you don't, eh, you'll only be burn in hell forever.

  • He doesn't exist anyway

    If I thought the Jews killed God, I’d worship the Jews.
    Bill Hicks


  • No I wouldn't

    Based on this deity's criminal record, you have this being simply giving up on humanity very easily resulting in massive deaths. Women, both pregnant and not and non-virgin, along with small children (mostly boys) are directed by this deity to be eliminated by his people in the distant past but are given the green light to keep the virgin girls. If this deity as described is omniscient then he's a cruel monster who created all this in knowing that it would result in failure and suffering. This type of personality can be likened to the most psychopathic person who has no real remorse and is like a over compulsive person who gets mad at the drop of a hat over essentially nothing. So no, this thing wouldn't deserve my worship, can't speak for everyone else though.

  • No I would not

    If Christ were real he would be perfect, and if one were a perfect god one would not have wants or needs. Like the need to be worshiped or the need to create or the need to punish or the need to be loved or the need to burn you in hell forever. So show me a god that is perfect and I could believe but I will never worship. It is wrong to love what you fear. Question everything and thank you for the question, have a nice day.

  • Not a chance.

    I'd just as soon bow down to any other despot that tried to control my mind, my body, and my "soul".

    Anyone who tells me I've committed wrongdoings by simply thinking is not someone worth respecting, much less being worshiped.

    A being who promises eternal and unchanging love, and delivers the GREAT majority of his creations to an infinite punishment isn't going to win my worship.

    A being that treats women like property
    Sanctions genocides, slavery, and rape
    Encourages the execution of children
    Judges thought-crimes as actions

    A being that will forgive the most heinous acts, but will simultaneously eternally punish the best of people for doubt in an incredibly doubtful claim.

    The claim that God exists and he is all powerful.

    If I am to worship a being that behaves exactly like a psychopath and abusive parent, I'll take the torture chamber.

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