If the U.S. collapsed, would the rest of the world follow?

  • World Economy would Collapse. With no one to check Russia and China, they would aggressively flex military muscle. World would end as we know it.

    If America collapses, dozens of others would as well. American foreign aid would stop which would lead many small African countries to collapse. China's economy would take severe hit as China would not get back their money they have lent. China imports billions of dollars to America; most of that would stop as Americans can no longer afford anything but absolute necessities. Without American military influence, Russia and China would both flex muscles to demonstrate they are the new world leader.

  • If the USA collapses, the World economy is really likely to collapse too.

    If the USA collapses, the World economy is really likely to collapse too.

    Indeed, almost half of the American debt is owned by the second and third World power: Japan and China. If the USA collapses, this huge amount of money will no more be paid back to Japan and China, which would fall into an economic chaos.

    That would make the three most powerful countries in the World collapsing. They represent half of the World GDP (35,000 billion dollars out of 77,000 billion dollars).

    This would result in a global collapse of the economic system.

  • Y e s

    With the government falling there would be no more jobs for people. And with no more jobs there would be no more money. With no money they wouldn'tb be able to buy food or make food in the factory.Then we would starve to death and the economy would fall .

  • If the government fell

    Half of the world would be come poor or lose there jobs and we would have to survive by stealing food if there is no money. There would be no police because no one would pay taxes. We would be able to do what we want there will be a lot of violent.

  • Yes, it would

    The U.S. has many resources that other countries need. If the U.S. fell, the world wouldn't have the resources that only the U.S. has. In addition, since the U.S. is involved in so many foreign problems. When the U.S falls, the troops around the world won't get the supplies they need.

  • Yes they will

    Yes , the US is too involved in the whole world to not change anything when it collapses .. There's a diference between a country and an Empire .. And the US is certainly an Empire if u look at it in some way .. China heavily relies on the US buying $ 400+ Billion of products from China .That way the Chinese would fall because of their Economy unable to grow further because of other types of influential financial problems when the US falls...

  • Yes, in a way

    Yes, in some way the world would. First of all, America has so many troops stationed in so many countries, and do u know why they are there? To stop countries in which would like to do harm to them. For example, North Korea would love to take back South Korea but they can't cause of US troops. But that is just one of the many examples out there. Plus there is trade, after America stopped trading with Russia, there economy started collapsing. I think for year a world war would break out, many economy's would fall and along that, many government. Countries like France, UK, Germany, China, and Spain and probably a bit more would grow even more powerful as for smaller countries like in the middle east, in Africa, and even some in Asia and Europe would fall. We would see a massive switch in the global scheme of thing and in power, we could see new, fresh countries rise out of the ashes of old counties and build something the compete with the world powers, the possibilities could be endless for what really could happen, NATO would fall apart, and the UN could even fall apart, there is really no telling what could really happen though

  • Unparalleled Economic and Political Influence

    The majority of the people here have no idea what there talking about so here's the real impact of as collapse of the US. First, 60 trillion dollars would suddenly disappear. (40 trillion in US stocks, assets and other securities and 20 trillion in Treasury bonds, notes and debts.) Not only the loss of the worlds largest economy would cause the worst economic downturn in history, but the collaspe of the worlds most invested in and dominant prime credit (the AA+ value United States dollar) would cause economic collapse within a week. Latin America would be the first to go, followed by the Commonwealth, Far East Asia, The Middle East, Russia, India, China, Europe, than finally Africa. Lichtenstein and New Zealand would probably be the only countries that survive the economic devastation. And with a devastated economy and the lack of a global military superpower, the world would probably regress into a state of war and anarchy. It would take at least a century for a new global order to rebuild itself, well, if the nukes don't start flying at least.

  • US main superpower

    The Unied States is the largest and main superpower in the world. It holds up most of the economy and keeps terrorists and communists like North Korea and ISIS from terrorizing the rest of the world. If the US fell it would most likely lead to a second Great Depression and communists like North Korea, Vietnam, ISIS would rise to power to annex most of the surrounding nations. This could also lead to world war 3 a war to take the world without help from the USA. With the nuclear bomb in hands of others and the US gone it could end governments communism will rise and all the world will drop down in destruction

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  • No They Wouldn't

    If the United States collapsed, not much would happen. Believe it or not, the United States isn't the influential and dominating country it was a few years ago. It is a middle of the road country and if it fell, many countries would not be affected by it at all.

  • Srsly, Bye Felicia

    No. The world would NOT go into shambles. White people are just terrified of anything that isn't them. The US would not be missed. What about countries who don't depend on US to begain with like North Korea for example and without the US they have no enemies. Everyone would be at peace.

  • Not Everyone Would Collapse

    No, they would not fall because they are not America and in this question asks is the US collapsed, other countries are not America, so they would not fall. This is an accurate answer because I like being smart and have already supported my following evidence with the previous evidence.

  • We Won't die

    If anything, the world will actually improve. With the splitting of the US into several hypothetical states, like California or Texas etc., it would allow for the economy to diversify, and for a more representitive spread of nations to appear allowing for cultural identity to flourish. Because of this, the markets should boost back after an initial fall, and in the long term, an american superpower may come to be seen as a bad thing. Need I remind you, this has happened before, in a similar scenario with the USSR. While there was an initial fall in the markets, and many a disenfranchised person, the nations could band together and (mostly) improve under a system of self governance (ignore Kazakhstan). I think it would be a similar scenario for the USA (Ignore Alaska).

  • The usa would not bring the world down

    Because the usa is only one western civilization nation . The land would be clamed by canada to the north and Mexico to the south . Plus the white people of amdrica would go to canada and the other races would die off .If western civilization collapsed the world would collaspe

  • World would be better without america

    The world would be better without America because it would slow down global warming by hundreds of thousands nearly millions of year. SO IF AMERICA COLLAPSED that would be doing us a favour. Also if America did collapse then countries that relied on you would then rely on The British Empire.

  • World would be better without america

    The world would be better without America because it would slow down global warming by hundreds of thousands nearly millions of year. SO IF AMERICA COLLAPSED that would be doing us a favour. Also if America did collapse then countries that relied on you would then rely on The British Empire.

  • No it wouldn't

    No because the whole world does not depend on the U.S in fact I don't think any country would collapse but rather create conflict among countries to claim the land and the U.S population would definitely decrease as their would be no forces to control the international and and internal problems the post collapsed U.S would have.

  • U.S. Population 309 million, rest of world 7.3 billion

    The 96% won't follow the crash of the 4%. If the U.S. suddenly collapsed, mass migration of former U.S citizens to more promising lands might follow. States would secede to form their own governments, like Alaska and Texas. China might suffer economically but Russia might rise. Mexico may advance if the southwestern states don't retain their territories.

  • We aren't the driving force we once were

    The US isn't as much of a superpower as it was- China seems to be taking that spot. Poorer countries who depend of the US for aid or imports would be affected, but I doubt countries like Britain, Japan, Spain, etc. Would collapse. If you had asked that question 50 years ago, the answer might have been different.

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