If there is no longer an arrest quota to fill by the police, will there be less police violence?

  • Yes, there will be less violence

    Unfortunately, the individual officers have quotas to fill. They have both ticket and arrest quotas, as it makes the city money. The city likes having more money, thus they aim for more arrests and more tickets. The truly saddening part about all of this is that these quotas encourage more hostility, more accusations, and more officers unjustly arresting individuals.

  • Yes, there would be less police violence without an arrest quota

    The police force should be have to fill an arrest quota, it does lead to more confrontations with the public and more violence. There is no need for quotas if the police are just doing their job to protect the public. And there should not be a financial incentive for arrests.

  • Yes, police violence will reduce.

    The arrest quota is one of the major reasons why police brutality is on the rise. You cant give an officer an arrest quota and expect him to carry out his duties with a sober mind, quotas distort their judgement because it piles pressure on them to perform for their bosses and not to offer services to the public.

  • No, there will not be less police violence.

    Arrest quotas are not the reason for police violence. Police violence stems from an officer noticing something suspicious about an individual; and then misjudging the level of risk that suspect poses to the officer. In other words, most law enforcement officers are not trying to fill quotas when making arrest. Instead, they are trying to enforce laws and investigate suspicious behavior. The drug laws often pit police against communities which contribute to more violence. Therefore, ending arrest quotas (if they really exist) will not lead to less police violence.

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