If there was a real Jurassic Park, would you visit it?

Asked by: ladiesman
  • First its awesome

    Think of it the movie shows dinosaurs escaping. That's just filming a movie. If there is a real park of course the security will be good. They wont risk the chance of letting a dino go wild. If you are sacred don't freaking go then. Let the people that wanna go have a chance. The park will be awesome though

  • I would visit

    People who don't want to visit the park might make the point that the security systems are unreliable and dinosaurs escape regularly. As a rebuttal to that opinion, I would not visit the exhibit for the dangerous dinos, and I'd would be armed, and I wouldn't even be there for that long. Plus I could help out with some common sense so that the security in that park ACTUALLY FREAKING WORKS I MEAN COME ON WHAT ARE YOU DOING???

  • Yes, be awesome.

    After nature "Finds a way" and it is overrun by dinos, I can go hunting for some dinosaur boots and vest... And a hat Also be interesting as well just to see the nature and all that... La de dah de dah . Opinion. Why you need so many words?

  • Well.. .. ..

    I could see that it would be scary. However, I called my ex-girlfriend up last night and she scares the ever living fuck out of me. So I think I could handle seeing a Dinosaur. Plus I always liked dinosaurs when I was little, AND If one ate me I would not have to face the world for my drunk actions.

  • We've all seen the movie

    It is a disaster! All the dinosaurs escape and kill people that try to leave and when they try again in the fourth movie the dinosaur exterminator people don't kill the hybrid dinosaur but the sea dinosaur takes it down so unless they have dinosaur security i am not going

  • The idea scares me

    I would oppose a Jurassic Park. A theme park with dinosaurs sounds good, but it is wrong and dangerous on many levels. Those who have seen the Jurassic Park films would know the moral of the story: you cannot control nature. If you play with with fire, you get burned. Besides, I have no burning desire to see a live dinosaur, dinosaurs had their chance.

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