If there were no religion, would the world be more peaceful?

  • Yes, Religion is basically the only reason there are wars.

    The "No" arguments basically say not all wars are based on religion. But the further you dig into the layers of reasoning behind war, religion always ends up showing its ugly face. Religion is war, the people who say otherwise are more following idiots that will defend it in fear of going to "hell". The world would be a much more peaceful place without religion. Less fear, less crime and less hate in a world without religion. Everyone would be accepted, and or eventually be accepted as with religion they(we) will never evolve because of them. For now, we are stuck in the dark ages, a world of war until the religions die off.

  • less radicals equals more peace

    Some people just take their beliefs to far. They get upset that not everyone thinks like they do. They think they feel this inner peace and they want everyone to feel it. That is until people do things that go ageist their beliefs. Then, they get enraged and start doing things that go against what they say they believe. They tell other people who believe what they do, and get them riled up. The group of people then take to the streets, causing chaos everywhere they go. That is how wars start. The world would be a much better place if people would just except that we all have different beliefs. It is OK that people believe in God, and it is OK that people do not believe in God.

  • Yes. Religion shows everyone a right path to become a good human being. But we can choose a right path by ourself.

    If a person follows any religion strictly, he/she will always do everything according to his/her religion. And there arises the real problem as other religion's act isn't bearable to him/her. It is against his/her religion. So the way the two people see each other is different because no religion matches the other religion completely. There is a great difference. I think everybody got what I mean.

  • Huge amount is wasted on religion

    Most of the unrest in world is because of religion be it Middle East or India. Innocent peoples are being killed in name of religion. Vast amount of money is invested in Temples / Churches / Mosques and other places of worship. Just imagine if the same money is spent on Education / Healthcare / Drinking Water / Roads / Safety of human. The world would have been definately better without religion

  • Religion is a tool of government

    Governments use religion to prejudice the masses. Churches use that Team Spirit to have the whole think alike, And churches spread political propaganda. As a whole followers of religion are weak minded people who feel they need someone to help control their thoughts. That's why the congregation is called a flock of sheep.

  • Yes if there was no religion in the world the world would be more peaceful

    If there was no religion then Jesus would not have died. If there as no religion the Hitler would NOT have killed over 6 million Jews in world war 2.The only reason there are religions is because people want to believe that there is a great reward if they worship or do the right thing. They also want something to look over them. What i'm about to say might be racist to any religion that believe in god or Jesus or the holy spirit. If there was a god. Why has he not saved over 6 million Jews from the holocaust? Why had he not stopped WW1, WW2 or the Korean war?? And also how can he answer every single prayer from people around the Globe? People who believe in god pray day and night, right? And different places have different time so if people pray in Europe and People Pray in America, then how in the world does he answer them?? People say god created everyone equally. Then why did he make Africans, Chinese, Japanese,India people different color?? Why did he not stop Marther Luther king Jr from being assassinated? Why does he not stop terrorism? Why does he not stop global warming??

  • Spirituality over religion

    Most religions believe that theirs is the right one, and will fight to spread the word and "recruit" people into their own belief. If the world were spiritual and not of religious organization,. We would believe as one and work with each other in the same belief system. I personally believe that each religion is their own interpretation of the same God.

  • Religion is made-up delusion to promote self-righteousness

    If there was no religion, people will be judged on the merit of their actions not their made-up stories and believes. Religion has become truth in our society and we as a society need to seperate TRUTH from FICTION and judge every person on there actions as a human being.

  • It would depend on how this is achieved politically

    It can't be like Stalin's state atheism. He based this on the fact that science and religion are antagonistic to each other. This doesn't seem that radical of a notion, right?
    What was radical was his ideology and how he implemented this into a totalitarian system.
    The freedom to religion is the most important determinant of religious impact in the world

  • Religion is a cause of conflict, but not the only one.

    And you cannot deny this. It's not even just about war; it's also about LGBT+ acceptance (duh), abortion (see: pro-life vs pro-choice reasons), immigration (see: banning people of certain religions from entering a country) education (see: evolution vs. Creationism, anyone?), even distribution/usage of wealth (see: televangelists taking advantage of the desperate for their own gains). Disagreements in all of these issues (and more) lead to strife.
    I'm not saying religion is bad, but you have to admit, religion is one of the numerous divisions within society, and when there is division, there is disagreement; and where there is disagreement, there is conflict. The world would be a less complicated place if there is no religion.

    The question asks if the world would be more peaceful. Yes, I think it would be more peaceful if there was one less thing dividing us, but it would not be TOTALLY peaceful. That would be unrealistic, as there are other causes of conflict (poverty, greed, ideological (not religious) differences, etc.). In fact, the only way the world would be peaceful is if freedom of thought is taken away and everyone agrees with each other on everything.

  • not at all

    no, even if there was not any religion in the world, there would still be a whole lot of fighting just from the different race groups and from the different ideas that the people would still have, and i do not think that there is any way that you can change.

  • The world would not be more peaceful if there was no religion.

    The world would not be more peaceful if there were no religion.In order to feel peaceful a society and its people need to feel secure.Religion in and of itself works to give iits people a sense of security and peacefulness that they would not otherwise have if they did not have religion.

  • No, the world would not be more peaceful without religion.

    I do not believe the world would be more peaceful without religion. While religion is the cause of some wars, I do think that if religion were to not exist, it would be replaced by another catalyst to which people will start wars with. I think that the idea of a world without war is not realistic.

  • Religion is not a driving cause of war.

    Religion is a tool that can be used to wage war and to build coalitions, but no matter the religious expression or lack thereof, war occurs regardless of whether religion is an element or not. The belief that one is absolutely right and must stop those who are wrong or evil is a state associated with religious figures, but intolerance of other viewpoints and unwillingness to compromise is the driver of war.

  • The same Worldview

    If religion was out of the equation that would mean that everyone would have an atheistic worldview. People would have to be consistent in this. It means that we were an accident. That means that there is no right or wrong. Who has the right to tell us what is right or wrong? It would mean survival of the fittest. We are naturally selfish. There is no denying that. We would want to be number 1. Remember that Hitler was an atheist and he believed in natural selection. And Stalin. And Mao. Look at the havoc they created.

  • Only based on attitude:

    If you believe in a religion, then so be it. People should believe of what they believe. You should't argue if there is a God or not as it is your own opinion. Also, it is based on your attitude: you shouldn't judge on someone because of their belief, just be kind to them and respect it.

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  • Its only taking some causes away.

    There are still chances that there would be less war and arguments as the some cause of conflicts are taking away, with only leaving still many causes behind .Also many conflicts is not all about religion and about different countries, it is also caused a lot about race and sexuality. Even if there was not any religion in the world, there would still be a whole lot of fighting just from the different race groups and from the different ideas that the people would still have. People do have opinions...

  • Its only taking some causes away.

    There are still chances that there would be less war and arguments as the some cause of conflicts are taking away, with only leaving still many causes behind .Also many conflicts is not all about religion and about different countries, it is also caused a lot about race and sexuality. Even if there was not any religion in the world, there would still be a whole lot of fighting just from the different race groups and from the different ideas that the people would still have. People do have opinions...

  • No I don't believe it would

    The fact that many moral arguments based upon arguments of God. If there were no gods or religion. Then many things that had been morally wrong such as murdering, may then not be considered completely wrong this means that the world would become a much more savage place. People would not know what is right or wrong. They would have nothing to stop them from doing something wrong, as they do not believe in any God meaning there is no punishment for when they are dead. This means some peoples actions would be very bad compared to if they believed in a religion, as their religion would hold them back from these actions.

    Now you might say that the law will stop people from doing unreasonable things and so religion wouldn’t make a difference in their actions as law would act like the rules of earth. However, what people fear when it comes to religion is having a bad life after death. This means that unlike with law if you go and do something so stupid and crazy which ends up you breaking the law, killing people and then you plan on being killed as well. Then it won’t matter to you. However, with religion that would stop the suicidal danger. And make people realise if they do something like that there will still be a kind of punishment in your afterlife. And yes according to Islamic extremists committing terroristic acts make you go to heaven. However, I have already explained the fact that this doesn’t matter as there would still be an equal amount of terrorism with or without religion.

    Religion is also a sort of hope in life. To me even though I’m christened but I don’t really go to church outside of school if there were no religions in the world I would very occasionally feel lost in this world for there would be no higher alien type being to simply look up to and respect. This would mean that many people would be very much lost with no hope in this world.. This could then lead the world into much more conflict and violence. As I believe dictatorships would be a lot more common as people need to look up to something and to pray to in this world.

    This also comes to the fact that it would probably be impossible for there to be no religions in this world. As at a broad term of religion it is just simply hope for humans. It is something that comes natural to the inevitable insecurity of humans. Humans want something that they know is controlling this world they want everything to be under control. And so without any religion it would drive everyone crazy making more violent. And so humans would naturally make an idol that they would pray to and look up to this for me would count as a religion. And so I think that with no religion is actually an impossible situation.

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