If there were no religion, would the world be more peaceful?

  • Yes, Religion is basically the only reason there are wars.

    The "No" arguments basically say not all wars are based on religion. But the further you dig into the layers of reasoning behind war, religion always ends up showing its ugly face. Religion is war, the people who say otherwise are more following idiots that will defend it in fear of going to "hell". The world would be a much more peaceful place without religion. Less fear, less crime and less hate in a world without religion. Everyone would be accepted, and or eventually be accepted as with religion they(we) will never evolve because of them. For now, we are stuck in the dark ages, a world of war until the religions die off.

  • Yes. Religion shows everyone a right path to become a good human being. But we can choose a right path by ourself.

    If a person follows any religion strictly, he/she will always do everything according to his/her religion. And there arises the real problem as other religion's act isn't bearable to him/her. It is against his/her religion. So the way the two people see each other is different because no religion matches the other religion completely. There is a great difference. I think everybody got what I mean.

  • less radicals equals more peace

    Some people just take their beliefs to far. They get upset that not everyone thinks like they do. They think they feel this inner peace and they want everyone to feel it. That is until people do things that go ageist their beliefs. Then, they get enraged and start doing things that go against what they say they believe. They tell other people who believe what they do, and get them riled up. The group of people then take to the streets, causing chaos everywhere they go. That is how wars start. The world would be a much better place if people would just except that we all have different beliefs. It is OK that people believe in God, and it is OK that people do not believe in God.

  • No more religion sectors means more peace and understanding

    Worlds with different religion beliefs cannot find the common ground to live peacefully with each other. If we can have a world in which there is no religion, but only shared ethical values, we can live together harmoniously. Possibly, it will also leads to less political conflicts, and hopefully, no more fighting, between ethnic groups and between world nations.

  • Less religion less fighting

    A lot of problems are because of religion. The Islamic terrorism is because of religious extremists. People may say it's not fair to blame religion for terrorism because not all Muslims are terrorist that only the extremists are terrorist. That is true but if there wasn't any religion you wouldn't have any religious extremists.

  • Yes. The truth could hurt though.

    Religion gives people self-righteousness, but it might not be any more than that. All stories from near death experiences vary from super leaders (such as religious gods), to nothing but a soul flying. Believing in something strongly will allow it to permanently part of your life and after-life. Most likely, whatever you strongly believe in, it will happen to you after death. But, religion is not true and has caused many conflicts such as the crusades (one of the bloodiest battles in history caused by religion). If humans were never exposed to believing in a creator, our species would be more advanced than we are currently.

  • not at all

    no, even if there was not any religion in the world, there would still be a whole lot of fighting just from the different race groups and from the different ideas that the people would still have, and i do not think that there is any way that you can change.

  • The world would not be more peaceful if there was no religion.

    The world would not be more peaceful if there were no religion.In order to feel peaceful a society and its people need to feel secure.Religion in and of itself works to give iits people a sense of security and peacefulness that they would not otherwise have if they did not have religion.

  • No, the world would not be more peaceful without religion.

    I do not believe the world would be more peaceful without religion. While religion is the cause of some wars, I do think that if religion were to not exist, it would be replaced by another catalyst to which people will start wars with. I think that the idea of a world without war is not realistic.

  • Religion is not a driving cause of war.

    Religion is a tool that can be used to wage war and to build coalitions, but no matter the religious expression or lack thereof, war occurs regardless of whether religion is an element or not. The belief that one is absolutely right and must stop those who are wrong or evil is a state associated with religious figures, but intolerance of other viewpoints and unwillingness to compromise is the driver of war.

  • Religion is not the only cause of wars

    The lyrics of this song suggest that without religion, the world would live in peace. I do not agree with this because I think that all humans are different, so we think different things. We like to express our thoughts, and if our thoughts are different to others (which they probably are) then people could disagree over that. Many things that we, as humans, do could cause anger or upset between people. So, even without religion or beliefs, I think we would still fall out with others.

    Without religion, maybe we wouldn’t have as many wars, but I think that we would still have wars, over other things, such as land. A recently published book, ‘Encyclopaedia of Wars’, says that only 6.8% of wars fought were over religion! An astonishing 123 out of 1763! I find this low, but believable. So, if you took out that 6.8%, you still have the other 94.2%. Therefore, I believe that there would still be wars even without religion.

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