If women want equality is it wrong to not hit them?

Asked by: Rebelfarmer
  • Yes, if they hit a man, man can hit them, etc.

    Equality means that both sexes will be treated the same way in every respect, including workplaces, fights, jails, etc. There should be no preferential treatment in anyway. If you can't take it, don't do it. Don't want to fight/get hit? Don't go and provoke people and then flash the "I'm a woman, can't hit me, lalalalala" card. Equality means equal rights, not women being superior so that men can "apologise" for what happened a few centuries ago. Current feminist movement is a joke about how women are weaker than men and deserve protection. Hah.

  • They cant have it both ways.

    I get so annoyed by women who would hit a man than turn around and play victim when that man defends himself. Men have the right to bodily autonomy just like anyone else. Come on ladies, dont by hypocrites. Random stupid word filler here. Come, seriously, I hate this word minimum thing.

  • Women shoudn't get hit but people at my school say yes

    I dont think its right since our fist our much stronger than theres for example if hulk hogan body slammed Kim Kardashian She would die instanly but if he did it to a dude wed get up and do a grave digger but i want to know what you think

  • Fuck those bitches

    Know your place HOE dont be gettin in my face with yo tired ass pussy bullshit cause you KNOW I am de Man that will slap the fuckin taste out yo mouth and laugh about it so crawl out your bitch ass bag and make me some breakfuss bitch....And like it

  • Dont provoke man

    If woman provoke man, and they are the best in doing this, things like: "pay me for having sex with me" what they say after a lot of anger, then some man wants to hit ehm to teach them a lesson. If they hit a man, and want equal rights then man can hit them back.
    Woman are never equa, nature made us like this and you can't just change this.

  • They want equality in rights, right?

    Then why they call it unfair if a man hits them? It's their own right to protect themselves against someone attacking them. Who cares about the gender? Also if a man is the one attacking a woman, it's just like attacking a man. Women expect you to not hit back if you're a man so they will most likely let their guard down, that's the time when you can strike back and probably end the fight in one punch. Men are more powerful than women, but that doesn't mean just because someone's stronger, they shouldn't be able to fight back.

  • For those who always repeat the annoying nonesense that no one should hit anyone

    You only say this when its about men hitting women, we rarely hear ya yapping the same words when its a woman hitting a man .. But any way, let play along ... No one should hit anyone, no one should kill anyone either but if a theif or murderer is in your house threatining your family, would you just be standing there like an idiot telling him and telling yourself that no one should hurt anyone?? Or are you gonna jump at him with a knife or a gun or any weapon you can find?? If you see someone hitting your little brother, sister or mother are you gonna repeats this idiotic crap or you gonna beat the living crap outta him, My point is that this world isnt perfect, talking like a perfectionists after getting hurt isnt gonna cut it. Woman already hit you, the damage is done, talking about how no one should hit anyone at this point is pointless, its about how you should react when a lowlife feminist hits you, would you return the favor and treat her equaly like she says she wants, or just walk away cause you think women are inferior

  • Yes up to a point

    If a woman wants equality its okay to hit them especially if they're asking for it. Its not okay to batter them but not because they're a girl, but because its wrong to batter anybody. They cant fight for equality only for the perks. If they want equality they should accept the harsh parts of it too.

  • Talk shit, get hit.

    If a woman hits a man he is socially obligated to hit her back. Failure to do so would be a failure to support woman's rights and the feminist movement.
    Women have fought for these rights for decades and it is our obligation as men to show our support by treating women who act like men, like men. If a man hits you, hit him back. If a woman hits you, hit her back.

  • Women just want the good part of gender equality

    There is this histrionic bitch in my class who is a bit mentally unstable that keeps physically abusing guys for small reasons. Example: My nerdy friend showed her a picture of a spider and she pushed him off a chair in the middle of the assembly. How shameful for that nerd. I she did that to me, I would beat the living dick out of her. If a guy did that to you, you would probably beat him up so why not the same for women since they want equality so much. THIS BEING SAID, PHYSICALLY ABUSING YOUR WIFE IS STILL WRONG! If you wife hits you then its different but if you keep beating her for no reason its wrong!

  • You Are Sick

    Is that what gets you hot at night? You need serious help. If women wanted equality they shouldn't go to your house. You have NO idea what true pain is. ( if you are a dude. ) After you have a kid or two then there is no way In hell you would want equality. Hitting women does no good. It just pisses them off. You wouldn't be able to handle the pain us women go through and have to live with every month. So no, you should not hit women no matter how equal to men they want to be...

  • If they are equal to yourself

    Then love them as yourself. Don't hit them. Don't ever hit a woman or a man if you cannot help it. That is true equality. The reason there may be some extra grace given towards women is because, in general, they are more fragile of the two sexes. This is not a character flaw, it is just a beautiful part of them. That is why I am more likely to hit a dude than a chick. I do not see one as more valuable than the other, I just view a woman as something to beautifully fragile to ever hit.

  • It should not be wrong...

    You can say lets share this apple equally, except you get 10% less because i need more food. Then whats the point using the word Equally?

    Equality comes in full package no picking in and out, unless we get the word Equality out, and replace it with something else, something more one sided.

  • No one should hit anyone.

    And frankly, I'm getting quite tired of all the men who hate feminism having this strange fascination with hitting a woman for wanting to be equal to them; as though saying the only good thing about women being equal is that they can smack them around. It's actually quite scary to see This number of people who think it's okay.

    It promoted that abuse is okay from either side because 'well, they did want to be equal' and promotes a culture where violence is used to enforce, something that parents fail to teach their kids that that isn't how it should be.

    No one should hit anyone without provocation or reason, be it a man hitting a man, a man hitting a woman hitting a man, or a woman hitting a woman, plain and simple.

  • "If women want equality is it wrong to not hit them?" That's the worst phrased questions I've ever seen. Violence against women is inexcusable.

    Why would equality make it ok to hit women? For one thing, it's not ok for people to hit anyone. It's not ok for men to hit men, and it's generally accepted that it's particularly wrong and cowardly for a man to hit a much weaker man. We call that bullying, and cowardice.

    Most women are far weaker than most men in terms of violence. That's why there's a taboo against men hitting women. It's the same principle as to why people find adults hitting kids so wrong. It's particularly shocking inside the family, where a woman should have the reasonable expectation that her nearest and dearest will protect her with their greater physical strength, rather than beat her.

    Equality is foundational. But equal doesn't mean identical. Men and women have physical differences: women have greater stamina and longevity, men more immediate muscle strength. Of course you get women with great physical strength, but generally, the sexes are different. That's why, for example, men don't get maternity leave. Doh!

    I am a woman. I earn more than my husband. He gave up a job he hates and now looks after the kids. We love each other deeply and he describes himself as a feminist. We see each other as equal partners. And if we heard a noise downstairs at night it would be him who went down first.

    I've only ever seen this sort of question "If women want equality is it wrong to not hit them?" on bitter woman-hating sites, where losers complain about the women who did them down.

  • This is a rather awkwardly phrased question.

    It's wrong to hit women, therefore it's right to NOT hit them. And it's got nothing to do with whether they want equality. If they want equality, don't hit them. If they want control, don't hit them. If they want to be dominated, don't hit them (but leave some room for sexy play).

  • Your grammar is horrible.

    The question should read,"if women want equality, is it still wrong to hit them?"

    This question is simple to answer if you look at it objectively. Take for instance, if A = A, A attacking A = OKAY, and A = B, then A attacking B = OKAY.

    However, the problem with a man hitting a woman is a completely moral issue; and when you use the term "wrong," your question becomes subjective because "wrong" is defined according to general human ethics of things frowned up. In conclusion, YES, it is still wrong to hit them. Or according to your oddly worded question, the answer is NO.

  • “Is it wrong to not hit them.”

    I am confused by this question. It is not wrong to not hit them, and it not wrong to hit someone in self defense... But to hit someone just to prove equality seems a bit much. Now, should I have answered yes to this, meaning yes it is wrong to hit them.

  • I think its wrong

    Girls are so cute. And I wouldn't hit a girl. If she's going crazy on me and I cant tell she's not gonna stop, I might as well just pin her down (no choke hold) until she calms down or just like pick her up and throw her on a bed or something. But ion wanna hit a girl. Its just morally wrong for me

  • Woman are superior to men

    Men don't need the equality argument as an excuse to hit women. Remember the "rule of thumb"? Anyway, I can say or do whatever I want to men and if one is stupid enough to hit me or even try to hit me, I will pepper spray him, tase him, and then cut off his d____. And on my way out I will push his 80 year old grandfather down. After all, since he's weaker than me he is not my equal according to the idiotic logic of some.

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Anonymous says2013-09-17T09:26:56.667
Nobody should hit anyone, be it a man hitting a woman or a woman hitting a man, unless in self-defence. Honestly though, what's with the obsession with hitting a woman for wanting equality?