If you could create a video game what would it be?

Asked by: pollcatzes
  • It would be awesome.

    I would write a compatibility mod for joystick games so they could have a Freelancer-style control scheme.
    That, or petition to join the Discovery Freelancer dev team. Igiss and Co. Know their stuff.
    Pre-existing stuff is the best, because there is a framework to go on. Not only that, but there is a large pool of ideas just waiting to be credited.

  • Sci-fi RPG on an alien planet with X-COM combat and base building, choices and consequences.

    I currently am creating it in Unity on my spare time if I'm not painting. Although it probably won't be finished for forever, it's fun and I learn a lot about character modeling, animation and shaders. The many variables are making me crazy though, I've tried visual scripting but it just makes the mess worse. I definitely need to improve my programming skills, but I've got the basic framework and mechanics down and the Asset Store has been helpful whenever I've met a brick wall. It's heavily inspired by the early Fallout games, but 3D and not isometric.

  • It would be a game to teach children about the faults in our world and how to avoid them.


    You could pick different characters, like a woman (would be catcalled, or for older ages, domestically abused). You could also be slave in 1800s that had to escape to canada, or maybe a gay boy who is frequently bullied


    The game would be multiple choice, so one person would talk to you, and you reply with one of three choices. One choice would weaken the relationship/ friendship with a person, one choice would strengthen the relationship, and the last would neither harm nor help the relationship with people.


    at the end of the game, you can have 12 different endings for each character. Some bad, some good.

  • If I could make a video game, it would be...

    If I could make a video game, it would be an pixel MMO game for ages 10+. It would be called Pixel Quest. You would start out at level 1, and you would kill monsters to level up. I think what are what most MMOs are like. But in this MMO, you would be able to make your own swords, and the damage and mobility would depend on what level you are on. And you would be able to make your own worlds, make new blocks, and when you finish making your world, you would have to make the world "uneditable" for people to be able to join in public. But you can make some friends and invite them to help you in your world. This MMO would be like no other MMO and would conquer the MMO world.

  • A evolving game

    A game that changes by action that take place in the game, best would be a Sword art online/WOW/Tera style game, but that changes depending on how the in game player and guild shape the game world, for example, Guild X can declare war on Guild Y (you can go in their territory steal the guild money capture bases etc), and the victory of the war gain exclusive right to some hunting grounds, or entrance to a higher level, or allow them to suggest the next event or design of the next level, full customization of weaponry (modify every aspect of a weapon or armor instead of just having some option of reroll and upgrades), no level camp. Let the players shape the game, let chaos run rampage, it will be ugly, but the online community has always produce beautiful things, if you give them the freedom to do so they definitely will.

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Diqiucun_Cunmin says2015-06-01T02:08:28.420
I can make video games (in Flash or HTML5). If I see good ideas here and you have a skill required for game production (musician, artist and, if it's text-based, RPG) maybe we could cooperate.
Diqiucun_Cunmin says2015-06-01T02:54:45.097
Stupid error I made. ' and, if it's text-based, writer'
o0jeannie0o says2015-06-02T02:59:45.923
Simple, a sims with no fire code haha