If you disagree with affirmative action, does this study change your mind?

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  • Race and gender should not increase or decrease your chances at anything.

    Affirmative Action would be fine if it did not promote reverse discrimination. When applying to colleges you get extra points if you are black, native american, and other minorities. There should be no "extra". If you are qualified for a job or college then you should be given it by your merit not your race. If affirmative action were leveling the playing field neither side would have an advantage.

  • No, this does not change my mind.

    I don't believe my mind can be changed by affirmative action. I believe this study is biased and is just a failed attempt to get me to change my opinion about affirmative action. Affirmative action creates an unequal playing field by forcing minorities to be afforded opportunities that the majority does not have.

  • Good God, the bias

    I had the misfortune of reading the most unprofessionally-conducted politically-motivated "studies" in history when I clicked that link.
    If anything, it would make me disagree with affirmative action even more than I already do.
    In short, no, all it does is prove to me that the proponents of affirmative action have their heads somewhere a proctologist's services would be needed to determine their exact location, and utterly destroys any credibility affirmative action may have.

  • I highly doubt I will ever change my mind

    If there is one thing that anger me it is people who say that Affirmative Action is about equality. The very definition of it is unequal by giving minorities more opportunities and benefits. I am usually open minded about the different sides of a debate, but in this case, it would take a lot of convincing and even then, I would barely consider it.

  • Affirmative Action is important.

    The idea behind affirmative action may seem backwards: to be "racist" in a good way to ensure helping certain races? But it is a sad fact that if we do not have this policy that many great people will never be considered for jobs that they can do well. Affirmative Action is needed.

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