If you had an option, would you relive your life again?

Asked by: jaze
  • Well, technically we are reliving are lives over and over again that's what i believe happens depending on certain views explanation in the argument below

    What i'm saying is not reincarnation but my theory is technically depending on how we die,and there is a heaven and hell and if you don't believe that that's fine but listen anyways, think about your personal heaven(the greatest thing that you could possibly imagine that would happen to you.) and then think about your personal hell(find your deepest(so deep that you don't know what it is) darkest fear is. And then 1,000,000,000,000,000(1 Quadrillion ) times worst. And that what your personal hell would be like. And the only correct religion is christianity by the way and read my entire life story at mylifestorytrueandcontroversial.Blogspot.Com and i don't give a care if it's too long, I still expect you to read my life story considering it's from when i was age 4 up until 2015. And I don't give a care if it's too long for you to read, oh boohoo, boohoo, do you want me to call the wahmbulance because my lifestory that is 100% true is too long for you to read oh booohoo, yourself.

  • I would give anything

    This is a thought i have often. I would give or do anything to have a second chance to go back to when I was a teenager or even younger to undo all of my mistakes and seize missed opportunities. I could have done so much more if i had not been so scared and self-conscious. I feel like my entire life has been a waste. But I would only want to go back if I could know everything then I know now.

  • Not reincarnation, but actually reliving my life

    I only know about hypnotism through movies, but, if true, wouldn't you be able to go back to a young age through your memories? This is how I picture it...I'm on my death bed, I have a hypnotist send me back to age 2, maybe to the first memory I have, and I relive my life from that point. I think it may go on like that forever, until I eventually die, but so what? I'm on my death bed. I just wonder how many times, I could relive my life before I actually die. Just something I think about...

  • Yes, but seizing opportunities and being able to keep them

    If I had a second chance to relive my life. I would be happy to take this chance. The reason why is because I would be able to work hard and build a good future for myself and been able to keep my school friends close to me and my parents were successful with their job and my brother is able to go to reading boys. And I would keep my 3 special friends, with me forever and been able to keep my ex-boyfriend forever. But I would not make any changes to my self apart from keeping myself slim and healthy and I would keep my Asperger's syndrome because it makes me unique from the others

  • Live instead of learning how to live:

    It takes a whole life to learn how to live, so if I can live again - preferably as the same person I am now - it is like I get a chance to implement what I've learned without making those stupid mistakes I did while learning how to live. Of course if I will not remember anything from the previous life it will not be as good as with all the memories from this life.

  • Life as a hawk

    I would go back in time to become a hawk. Having all that freedom and power! I would just...Swoop down and WRENCH the life from some worthless mouse, then eat him up. That's the life for me. Picking up creatures smaller than me and dropping them from great heights...


  • Life as a True Equestrian Colt

    If I had the option to relive my life, and I could be whatever I wanted to be, I would go back in time and live in Equestria as a pure, warm-bodied all Equestrian alicorn stallion. Because I believe that's exactly who I'm meant to be, young and great forever and learning things at my own pace, but I think I'd keep my autism, because it is the thing that makes me special, and in a special life, it would probably be the thing I'd depend on the most.

  • Going back and fixing mistakes seems like a good thing but what if it caused the most important events to not happen.

    Doing things over and making better decisions could have some very positive results. I may be able to change my career path, prevent painful or bad events in my life or prevent myself from hurting someone. But what if one little change caused enough things to change and my children are never born. There is nothing I could gain that could ever make it worth the risk of the 2 best parts of my life. Any pain I endured in the past Is a pain I would gladly keep to protect the only things that truly mater.

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