If you were able to live forever, would it be a blessing or a curse?

  • The best answer is maybe

    First: I am assuming that yes means eternal life is a blessing.

    Your question is intriguing question. I am tempted it would be a blessing however, really it depends on several things.

    The first is whether or not you have eternal good health go along with it. Who want to live forever in a sick and/or diseased body. That would be a curse.

    The second thing is the personality of the person living forever. If you live forever you can be guaranteed to outlive all your loves. Not everyone can tolerate everyone they love now and in the future will dying.

    The third thing would be the imagination of the person living forever. If you live forever, you will need something to do during all that time. Regardless of what you choose to do, you will eventually get very good at it as you have unlimited time learn and practice it. So you will need a good imagination so you can change what you do with when it get boring and is no longer a challenge.

    So I am conflicted. I cannot say that it would be a blessing or curse for someone. Personally, I would love to live forever. But I cannot ensure that after a millennia. Or two, I won’t be literally begging to die.

  • So you can do stuff that you r better at 4ever

    It would be a blessing because for people that are scared to die can take the formula. Being an immortal is a good thing you can live with your love one forever. For some people might be a curse but that is because they don't have someone to love and would live and die for.

  • So you can do stuff that you r better at 4ever

    It would be a blessing because for people that are scared to die can take the formula. Being an immortal is a good thing you can live with your love one forever. For some people might be a curse but that is because they don't have someone to love and would live and die for.

  • Because you can do stuff all over again and get better at it

    If being immortal is not a curse, because people like me that are afraid of dying is a miracle that something like that existed you could even drink that formula with your love one. I'm happy... But i know that everything comes with a price i would take that price just to live forever.

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  • It Would Be The Worst Curse Imaginable

    Sure, if you were able to do magnificent things, eternal life would be wonderful... For a time. But, as the millennia pass by, you would have exhausted every possible thing to do. Time would bleed together as memories become indistinguishable, forever trapping you in an inevitable cycle. The brain can only do so many things, it only has so many cells. You couldn't even kill yourself to rid yourself of the curse, you would be forced to remain. You would do the same things, think the same things, be essentially a thoughtless void. Eventually the Earth will fall into the Sun, plunging you into an inferno of unimaginable pain. You'll relish in the pain, though, as a new sensation. When the sun sheds its outer layers and forms a nebula, you'd probably by shot out into interstellar space. If you're unlucky, you'll be thrown into intergalactic space as the Milky Way and Andromeda galaxies collide. There you'll drift nearly alone, with only the photons of infinitesimally distant galaxies finding their way to your form. Even these, though, will fade over time. The galaxies move away from you at speeds faster than you could ever hope to match. Eventually they'll be travelling away faster than the speed of light, hiding them forever. Then, over an unimaginably long time, the individual protons making up the atoms within your body would begin to decay. Finally, so far into the future that it's unfathomable to even consider it on a human time scale, the final proton in your body would decay, leaving nothing behind in a completely empty universe. If your consciousness is not physical (consciousness is physical) you would be forever bound to an endless void, alone for all eternity.

  • It is a curse

    It would be a curse because if a villian got it, they would kill the world and that is bad. It would be bad because of overpopulation and pollution. That is why i think living forever would be a curse to the mankind. Living forever would be the end to mankind.

  • Eternity could lead to so many bad things

    If you lived forever, you would live through the pain of heartbreaks, losing earth, getting lost in a black hole, you name it. When people live forever, they could eventually lose things they love and they might lost the memories of their early life and being small children with no cares. That is why I think living forever is a curse.

  • Living forever would be a curse

    Living without death would definitely be a curse; not only do you have to adapt on a daily basis to new technology being developed- it will do nothing but increase as time goes on. Although, some may argue that living forever allows one to experience more and do more with their lives; or even re take opportunities that they may have lost. That is not the case; part of being human is wasting opportunities but finding new ones in your lifetime. In addition, I believe that you were born to live up until your expire date- not before nor after, therefore living forever would breach that and can cause man issues, for example- aged cells which then do not allow your body to function properly; that fits in the common saying 'you come into this world as a baby, not being able to do anything for yourself, and you die as one as well'.

  • Life isn't life - without death.

    It would forever be a curse to be able to live forever - and many which trans-humanists fail to answer. Life's only true definition is from death; otherwise what would be the point of "living"? Regardless of the impossibility of "humans" being able to live forever (simply because they wouldn't be human anymore: "The essence of being human is that one does not seek perfection." - George Orwell) In which life would be defined of the suffering and pains people feel through any system - as Torchlight a television series based off of human immortality -- when these "dead" people feel pain forever.

  • I am immortal, curses!

    It would definitely be a curse. Imagine you immortal, can't die. See your loved ones and friends die while your still standing healthy.
    If immortality also means you can't be harmed, it would be much worse. You alive until the world ends. Just floating in space doing absolutely nothing. It would be fun until you get miserable and bored.
    Worst way to die, being bored to death but you don't die.

  • It would be a nightmare

    Eternal life is a curse. You might be immune to aging, disease and death, but you'll also outlive everybody. If I were immortal, I would be forced to watch everyone around me die while I live on. That has to be unbearable. I cannot comprehend why eternal life appeals to some people.

  • No. It would be a curse.

    Living forever would only increase the population. This would many people homeless and only the rich people will get homes. This would also mean that people would then need to produce more food. There would be a complete shortage in food and homes. This could probably make the economy crash all over the world. By the way I'm 12 years old.

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