If you were sentenced to life in prison, without the possibility of parole, would you commit suicide?

Asked by: JuliaD
  • Yes, I honestly truthfully would.

    Honestly, I'm only 16 - i've been to the juvenile system and in there, I spent about a week, I was beyond suicidal. I wasn't even in the real house nor on death row.
    If you weren't completely headstrong and didn't have such "great" friends in the system, you'd kill yourself. In fact an NFL start just hung himself because he had life without parole. It's a horrible situation and there really isn't a way out. I believe people would rather die than suffer the horrible hell of jail.
    Just like on an episode of LockUp: Extended Stay a man had life without parole and he even said so himself; "The only way out is parole or suicide."
    It's sad, but people would do it. I would do it. I wouldn't want to be alive anymore.

  • You are already "DEAD" when sentence to "life in prison".

    What is the point to be alive when you know that all days, nights, months and years are going to be the exact same experience over and over again, and you won't be able to change anything. Yes, of course, must definitely, without a doubt, I would commit suicide under those circumstances. The only way to remain alive under those circumstances is if you are a masochist who enjoys pain and suffering.

  • You are already "DEAD" when sentence to "life in prison".

    What is the point to be alive when you know that all days, nights, months and years are going to be the exact same experience over and over again, and you won't be able to change anything. Yes, of course, must definitely, without a doubt, I would commit suicide under those circumstances. The only way to remain alive under those circumstances is if you are a masochist who enjoys pain and suffering.

  • No Question about it

    Life in Prison, hell, I'd do it after just 1 night in jail. I've went a long time with a clean criminal record but once that changes (and it will in 30 days time), I've got some mood stabilizer meds that are sure to get the job done pretty quickly.

  • Live free or die

    The teachings of my church tell me that suicide is a mortal sin, however, to live in such a degraded condition is more than the soul can bear for some. For others they can do it. I thought the other day that i would never accept the confinement but would choose death as the most honorable thing in that case. However, that is only if i were guilty. If innocent i fight until the day i die for justice though the heavens fall.

  • Prison ruins lives

    Even without a life sentence, those convicted of felonies have a very limited chance of a good life after prison. Mandantory minimums are growing for things that used to be up to the judges individual ruling. Let's say someone had a drug on them at age 27, and came from a poor background. If they get a 10 year mandate, then they're almost 40 when they get out. Who would want to hire a 40 year old felon? You can't vote, get public asistance, own a gun, live in many areas, get student grants, etc. What life is there for these people, even without a life sentence? It's basically either you submit to poverty or you resort to crime to pay the rent. Suicide would not be a misplaced option here.

  • Eventually...If I couldn't escape.

    It really is a living death. What is the point of being alive if you are trapped behind bars 24 hours a day either doing absolutely nothing, and being separated from friends and loved ones forever, or being raped or tortured by other prisoners? There is no hope of being happy or accomplishing anything so you may as well just be executed.
    As much as we have to take responsibility for our actions and face up to the consequences, life without parole should never be a consequence of anything because we should always have some possibility of redemption, regardless of the crime. Limited sentences or life sentences WITH parole, I agree with.

    That being said, I would appeal the sentence or do everything I could to escape the prison and then get the hell out of that country before I gave in to suicide.

  • I would do it.

    I would never do anything wrong to go to prison. However the justice system is f***ed and you csn get arrested for anything. Everyone has their weaknesses and being confined for something I didn't do would drive me insane to the point of suicide. I speak from experience. Being confined like that is HORRIBLE. I wasn't in for long but the four days I was... I was about to hang myself with my t shirt. The mental torment and pain you feel is UNBEARABLE. All you can think about is the situation you are in. There is no happy moments when you are their. No matter what you think you can handle. Suicide will be worth it once it happens to you. To this day I have sllep issues and nightmares about it. Like the twightlight zone episode when he was forced to relive being sentenced to death. I am in a better situation now but I still feel the torment I was put under. I am not suicidal or anything but the pain is real

  • Life w/o parole = might as well be dead.

    If i got life without parole, i would have no chance to ever live a decent life after that. Trapped in a tiny, dark, dingy cell for the rest of my life, my quality of life would be so bad that i might as well just die. If the alternative is being trapped against my will in a hellhole for the rest of my days with a bunch of vicious criminals, a quick death would be a mercy.

  • To live one must have a reason

    Humans separate themselves from the rest of the animals because humans need a reason to live. Unless the individual has a very low level of intelligence or she/he is afflicted with mental retardation, every person needs a reason to live. Life imprisonment equals to hopelessness. Suicide is the ultimate act of will and, as such, always appeals to those who are overwhelmed by feelings of hopelessness.

  • The other side

    Answering this means you have to question what it really means to live. If you shape your life around capitalist ideas like many of you seem to then yes a life in prison, having no material possessions, would ruin you as a person and suicide would set you free, but if we can break free of the ideological prison we're in now (Capitalism) then there would be no justification for ending your life if you were in prison. Even in prison one can read, learn, and improve their understanding of what life is. And isn't that what philosophy is all about? I am deeply disappointed in those who say they would kill themselves for the pursuit of knowledge, in other words philosophy, cannot... WILL NOT be stopped by any institution. If you are of the majority who want to end it all just because you won't see your favorite TV show or have the ability live a "free life" where you are forced to work a job you hate in a system you cannot change for people who do not care to know your name then you should end your life now because you are living for the wrong reason. I'm getting away from my main point which is that a life in prison is the perfect opportunity to devote your life to understanding it so shame on all of you who call yourself a lover of knowledge, YOU shouldn't even visit this site if you would choice to end your petty life over the discomfort of not living in our Capitalist society, forcing you to rethink life.

  • If I was sentenced to lwop would I commit suicide?

    My answer is defiantly not. Laws are always changing and new people come and go in office. Plus you have chances at appeals if only the judges and the higher courts would be more lienant. The prison system needs to be reformed. To quick to throw away the key for those that made a stupid choice at a moment when they clearly were not thinking properly or acted on impulse. They need to bring back the standard 33 years for life sentences.

  • H.O.P.E. For All

    HOPE - NEVER LOOSE HOPE! Laws can change and new people come into office. There are appeals as well. The biggest resource is that God is real and anything can happen. Committing suicide is not an option for me. Yes, facing the time of life in prison is very hard to swallow, but we must not lose HOPE!

  • My mind would be on living and believing in God

    There are many things to do to fulfill your life in prison to give you hope and reason to live. There is education the ability to learn new things that can interest you positively and the time to exercise and improve your health. You have to get moving in spirit and in mental awareness.

  • No,I would not commit suicide if I was sentenced to life in prison.

    No,I would not commit suicide if I was sentenced to life in prison.I would know that this is what meant for me in the end and I needed to just make the most of it and try to improve myself physically and mentally so I knew I could live out my life there with a healthy conscious.

  • No I would escape

    In cases where an individual is sentenced to Life without parole, they should receive the death penalty, and you wonder why you have prison over crowding? Back to the question, I have no doubt some people would choose suicide, but personally I would dedicate all my time towards escape its not like you would have anything better to do.

  • The logic part

    The two scenarios where you commit suicide and not to do so

    First, you stab yourself, a sudden pain and then you die. You might just earn another day of headline in news, you will not suffer physically and mentally for another few decades, your family does not need to spend their time and money visiting you, the government is relieved of slight money burden in keeping you alive.

    Second scenario, you live forever in the prison. You are free to do anything possible in your prison for the whole few decades, reading books, eating foods, exercise and do some sports, watch tv shows and read news if possible, meet your family friends and talk about things, learn a degree or so, do some online jobs to relieve your family's burden if possible... The only things you actually lose are probably reputation and your freedom of movement. Thinking positively you even get free meals, in which you didn't when your outside... =-=

  • What's the point?

    You're better off ascending the prison hierarchy and becoming the top dog. That way you can have a cushy life at the taxpayer's expense. If you don't want to stay in prison and/or can't make the best of it, you can always dig a tunnel behind the toilet and escape.

  • Absolutely not. Giving up is not a option.

    Assuming guilt for something horrible for this answer. When you make a mistake you have to be accountable and face the consequences. Regardless if its spilling hot coffee in your lap, slipping on awry floor, or whatever you would have to do to receive life with out parole. Death would allow you to escape the horrible aspects of prison as well as the memories of your crime. Death would also prevent you from learning , teaching , or attempting to make amends. Accountability is one of the most important traits a person can posses. Unfortunately it took something terrible to be accountable. Suicide would just be another instants a lifer refused to be.

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Anonymous says2013-08-23T17:05:03.320
If I really had nothing left to loose, I imagine I would just endlessly attempt to escape.
simpleman says2013-09-05T04:56:11.907
I think it is a horrendous thought that imprisonment should justify suicide. A life is a precious thing that it's possessor has no ability to have initiated, so why would that same person see it fit to decide when said life should extinguish? I realize this is a more logical approach to responding, but it is what I see as being true. If eternity and God prove true, what would you answer at eternity's gate?