Illegal immigrant deported twice charged with stabbing teen 40 times: Do you think illegal immigrants are more likely to commit crimes?

  • Illegal immigrant is illegal. Crime already committed.

    How is this even a question. Illegal status would also encourage other behaviour like tax evasion, even if they don’t turn to crime. The example of a criminal was completely unnecessary and doesn’t speak for the whole population, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t all criminals. They have to be. By definition

  • By definition, an "illegal immigrant" is already committing a crime.

    By being an illegal immigrant they have demonstrated a belief that their personal needs outweigh the needs of others by willfully breaking the law and illegally entering another country. In doing so, they have demonstrated a framework for decision making that doesn't prioritize the rule of law above personal desire. Having already broken the law and gotten away with it, they are more likely to break other laws since they haven't had consequences and may even feel rewarded for the first criminal act.

  • Anybody with nothing to lose would do this.

    It does not just have to be illegal immigrants. It can be anyone who has led an unsuccessful life and really had no high points either. There are many legal citizens here in the United States who experience these kind of things as well. We should help these people to stop bad things from happening.

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