In light of the shooting in Amarillo, TX, should the state impose stronger gun laws?

  • Gun control is no longer just an "option"

    Shooting attacks have, unfortunately, become a daily occurrence in America to the point that we've merely resigned ourselves to them as a tragic fact. Amarillo, Texas, is the latest community to suffer this violence. It is time to impose gun laws across the board, not just in Texas, so that shooting attacks don't become a reality for any community.

  • The Need for Stronger Gun Laws

    The shooting in Amarillo, Texas just further highlights the need for Gun Law Reform. Supporters of open carry and loose gun laws, state that we 'just need to enforce the laws we have." That does not work when the existing laws do not address or prevent those who should not be handling firearms from legally obtaining them. More often than not, these people bypass the background checks, the security clearances and the training required by purchasing their firearms through gun shows or through online sales forums. It is too easy for unstable and/or mentally affected people from obtaining a firearm. We just have to look at the history that this country has had with gun violence to show that they current laws are not enough and that a serious overhaul is necessary.

  • Yes, the state should impose stronger gun laws.

    Common sense gun legislation is needed to reduce gun violence in America. Even though the Federal government is unable to pass gun legislation, states should take the lead by closing gun loopholes and cracking down on illegal firearm purchases. America has some of the highest rates of gun violence in the developed world. Both Federal, and state governments need to impose stronger gun laws.

  • No state should impose stronger gun laws.

    In light of the shooting in Amarillo, Texas, the state should not impose stronger gun laws. There are already plenty of gun laws which have been codified. The problem is not moral laws, but an enforcement of those laws. Moral laws do not affect any criminal who, by definition, does not obey the law anyway.

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