In the 21st Century, are men objectified as much as women?

Asked by: conor99
  • YES, they are!

    It would be stupid to say that men aren't objectified just like it would be stupid to say that men can't get raped! ANYTHING that happens to one gender can happen to the other gender(s). Male objectified bodies are usually buff and extremely surreal. Female objectified bodies are usually skinny and curvy. But honestly, you shouldn't be offended if you see a buff guy or a skinny girl because they're not your problem. You are your own problem. You are the one making yourself feel insecure, not those buff men and women or those skinny men and women. As long as you're at a normal weight and you're not overly obese, then your body is fine. As long as your body isn't too skinny to the point where it looks like a skeleton, then you're fine. Not everyone has to be buff or skinny.

  • They are, but it is not to as serious a degree as women

    Because of the way our society is structured they are objectified but it is a reactionary objectification not rape culture (the way women are portrayed, though I disagree with the term)

    Men, usually, are objected in a very reactionary SJW way, meaning it's not a very serious and systemic issue. Women are objectified in a very aggressive way. It's a symptom of our patriarchal society that women are objectified in a very aggressive way. It's not so much a question of how much, simply, how are they objecified?

  • There Is Two Sides Of The Story

    If each gender took a look at the way we were each treated maybe we would start agreeing more often. Technically that's completely unrealistic ,but maybe in the future it wont be. Anyways, men and women both are objectified in the 21st century. Example: in the Olympics people don't usually end up watching women's swimming, because nobody really gives a rip about it. Another example is with men, is it your first thought to go and watch men's gymnastics? Not really. Sad to say but I don't even think to watch men do gymnastics. I'm most certain that there are many people that actually do think about supporting "abnormal" sports for man and women. In conclusion, I have no yes or no. There is no answer. :)

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