In the case of beauty, would the world be better off without mirrors?

Asked by: GoodPoint
  • People spend way to much time obsessing over looks,

    I like weekends. I like them because I don't have to worry about how I look of who's going to judge me. I like them because I can let my hair fall to its natural air dried curls without feeling embarrassed. I like them because I don't have to watch other people sit in my class and plaster color to their faces in an effort to look more attractive. I understand that putting time and effort into the way you look can show that you're invested and that you care about the given situation, but I don't feel like the world would be any worse off if we spent less time playing judge to our looks, and more time reflecting on our character.

  • The mirror is not the problem, the perception of the viewer is.

    Our society IS way too judgmental and critical of how a person looks. We value beauty over many other more important characteristics of humanity. However, this is not the fault of the mirror anymore than a knife is at fault in a murder. The perceptions of society would not be changed by the destruction or discontinued use of mirrors. Shallow, self-righteous human beings would still make fun of the overweight, women with larger eyes and tamer hair would still attract more men, and someone who dresses differently would still be the target of ridicule. If anything needs to change, it is our perception of what we see in the mirror that must be altered, not the mirror itself. Altering the mirror, or removing it entirely is a band-aid on the broken leg that is society's obsession with a person's physical characteristics.

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