In the Hong Kong election, ballot papers outnumbered voter turnout in at least 5 polling stations. Should the results be thrown out?

  • They cannot be trusted.

    The results of the Hong Kong vote should be thrown out because it would send a message to voters. It would tell those that perpetrated the fraud that their fraud cannot stand. It would be interesting to use a statistical analysis to review what way the fraudulent votes leaned. As long as they appear to have affected the outcome, they must reject the result for the integrity of the country.

  • Yes, the results should be thrown out.

    Yes, the results should be thrown out because there was clearly voter fraud. If more votes were cast than the voters who attended, where did the other votes come from? It does not make much sense, other than voter fraud and political manipulation. There must have been some kind of pull for one candidate.

  • Yes, if you want to respect democracy, a new election have to be held

    In case of issues regarding hourly voter turnouts and number of invalid ballot papers, a new election have to be held. Democracy is one of the most advanced potical regimen we have known. Democracy lead to progress and liberty. So please, i need to see this election to be held again.

  • Yes, throw the results out.

    Yes, there must be something suspicious going on there. When the voter turnout is smaller than the number of ballot papers, there must be either undocumented voters, not registered in the system during the day, or worse, there are people who put extra ballot papers in to falsify the statistics. We should do recount, then carry out the voting again, even if this is a waste of budget.

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