In The Next 50 Odd Years, Future Technologies Could End The World

  • Future Technologies Are Dangerous

    There are bombs that have a explosion radius of 9km square, and they have had inflictions all around the world. While there are nuclear bombs also, they are thinking about making invisibility cloaks/cloaking devices. Those could cause havoc because if people break into other peoples homes, that would cause violence, then police would get involved, then there would be war, then a world war, then extinction. They are also thinking about making flying cars. What if they run out of fuel/gas/energy in the middle of a flight? They could kill someone easily.
    That is my opinion for future technologies.

  • Future Technologies Are Dangerous But Worth The Risk

    Bombs are capable of blowing up large parts of the world but unlikely to blow up the entire world. Parts of the world could still survive and populate. Bombs could certainly push back progress a lot but never end the world.

    Technology is a double-edged sword. We owe our comfortable modern lives to technology. Modern transportation, medicine, and telecommunications all would be impossible if we said they were dangerous. Fire is dangerous. What if we never invented fire because it is dangerous? If we never did, many things we have today would not be possible.

    Technology is dangerous but if we focus on using them the right way there is no reason the world should end in the next 50 years.

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