• Here's a watered down argument by Alvin Plantinga Called the Ontological Argument

    1. It is possible that God exists
    2. If it is possible that God exists, God exists in some possible world
    3. If God exists in some possible world, God exists in every possible world.
    4. If God exists in every possible world, then he exists in the actual world.
    5. If God exists in the actual world, the God exists

    What's really cool about this argument (though greatly simplified) is that premises 2-5 are nearly undisputed by philosophers. Basically if it's possible that God exists, then he must exist.

  • God is real

    God is a physical being. He is as real as the chair you're sitting in. We may not be able to touch or see Him, but He is there... Take numbers (digits) for example. Can we really prove that numbers exist? Yes you can draw or type one, but that would technically just be a picture of a number. Yet every man/woman knows that numbers are real, we've all been taught how to count by our parents. And our top scientists and intellectuals use them everyday. So why is the concept of an all-powerful God that has proven His existence multiple times so difficult to grasp?

  • God is soooo real

    If not why are we here, the big bang? No god created us from dust and he sacrificed himself for us. If god wasn't real why was there an earthquake when jesus died. Anyway what would happen when we died without him? We wouldn't just be in the void or something, we would be in heaven (or hell)

  • Yes, he does and there is proof

    Firstly take the Bible. It is often stated as a nonfiction book. We have proof our Savior, Jesus Christ existed and Rose on the third day. We have proof! And also water for instance. It is colorless, scentless, tasteless, and yet no creature cane survive without it. Science can't just keep using the "coincidence" ball. And to all the people who said the big bang......What started it? Some rock hit some spark and it just blew up? Well where did the rock and the spark come from? Think about it.

  • It depends on your point of view.

    Being an atheist, I must say no. I find it difficult to believe that a God exists. There simply isn't enough evidence (if any) to justify His improbably existence. I have nothing against religious folks, though, just making that point clear. Besides, if He really does exist in this world, surely He must have done something to change the world by now, other than provoking horrible conflict between His mortal minions.

  • The is no proof of it

    Any claim without proof is really on just a claim. Anyone can claim anything and that would not make the claim real. However, when a claim is proven then it can be stated categorically that something is. It is out of fear that many people are afraid to dispute the existence of God. I do not despise any deity or disrespect other people's beliefs. I simply refuse to accept the existence of something merely through belief.

    Posted by: bido
  • Erm, no... Which one? There have been after all 100's if not 1000's of so called gods.

    It is an uncomfortable fact that as far as i can see there is no God let alone a Christian God. First one cannot rule out the deist God, ie Jeffersons God, he made the universe and then did nothing. But the God of the bible? I am sorry but we are being asked to believe in the writings of Bronze Age/ Iron Age man on the creation of the universe and of existence. Would you follow the medical advice of the Roman doctor Galen?

    I have a joke I occasionally tell. An American Christian fundamentalist dies and arrives within sight of the pearly gates. ' hAlalujah praise the Lord' he exclaims and starts to walk towards them. As they get closer he makes out a desk and a figure behind it, 'oho it must be Peter' he thinks. He arrives at the desk and the figure turns And Anubis says " I have some good news, and some bad"

    Not a good joke built it makes my point.

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