In your opinion, are psychiatric drugs a solution to the ailments of society (yes), or are they only contributing to its problems (no)?

  • Yes,psychiatric drugs can be a benefit to society in general.

    When talking in a general sense psychiatric drugs can be a help when no other methods have worked.They can help people with severe depression carry on nwith their lives and those with other types of disorders lead a more balanced life.When used with caution and in moderation they can definitely be a good thing.

  • Yes, they help.

    Psychiatric drugs are helpful and solve many people's problems. It is unfortunate that some people will take advantage of the drugs, or misuse them, but overall I think they do more good than harm. If someone needs help paying attention the drug could make a big difference in their life.

  • No, psychiatric drugs do not benefit society, but rather contribute to problems.

    There are many causes of social problems that should be addressed before we start taking pills to cure them. Psychiatric drugs do not enhance brain function, they blunt brain function. It may be that we like the behavior of a child or of an adult better when they are taking drugs, but this does not mean that anything is better because of it. We use these drugs as a means of not having to deal with some of the more pressing social issues. We also define human behaviors that were at one time considered 'normal' as ab-normal and hence we medicate. There are rare cases where a person has severe mental illness where drugs do help but the case has not been made that these drugs actually help people with less severe mental problems.

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