In your opinion, is PewDiePie really a good youtuber?

Asked by: VenomxShocker
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  • No way in hell

    I use to watch his videos when I was a kid and now that I see them think why f**k do people watch him? He is a waste of time and people shouldn't waste their time on crappy you tube videos. If you actually like PewDiePie you should go and get a life.

  • He's really overrated.

    Compared to people like Markiplier, Cyndago, Game Grumps, and Matthias, PewDiePie is just overrated. He has a lot of subscribers, sure, but in my opinion it's far too many for his actual level of skill playing video games, interaction with the audience, choice of games, and so on. His comedy is also quite mindless.

    Posted by: Luma

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