In your opinion, is the African-American community plagued with hypocrisy and double standards?

  • Probably the most racist people that exist.

    Just look and you'll easily find racism coming from racist people of any race. That said, African-Americans are easily the most guilty of it. No one is as quick to judge and treat a person badly based on the person's race or ethnicity alone, than African-Americans. Amazing to me is that they think White people are time travellers that never age. They look at a 20 year old White person and think that they're in any way guilty or responsible for their ancestors practicing one of the oldest of human activities-slavery.

  • They bitch about voter suppression, but are too lazy to vote anyways

    The blacks were the higher turnout percentage wise when Obama was running for president, but cry foul when needed voter ID laws are being implemented. You had over 10 years worth of debated to get off your lazy butt and get a valid I'd, so really what's your excuse. Face it, blacks only vote when it's to support their own.

  • Not exclusively, but yes.

    Blacks can't be racist it seems. When I hear stories about aggression or oppression of whites by people of color, it is almost always described as "reverse-racism." What does that even mean? Any-hoo, I came across this really informative video by Bill Whittle that really puts everything in perspective, and shows how society has regressed as of late. Boycotting the Oscars for example, just because of the color of those that were nominated. Jada Pinkett Smith, winner of 2 NAACP Image awards (established in 1967 exclusively to award actors of color) and several Black Entertainment Television awards as well, criticizing the Oscars, for which 43 blacks have been nominated since 1939, one of which just barely took away an Oscar last year... Oh brother.


  • Ugh they are unfair

    My friend is black and i said that my fav coulor is black (it is) and he turned around and said "man yo racist" and another brown person said his fav coulor was white to my friend and he said mine too i was like da heck is goin on here

  • I just have to

    "its the ugliest word in the English language.
    But that's what I see now.
    Niggas, and you don't want to be a nigga.. Cause niggas are living contradictions..
    Niggas are full of unfullfilled ambitions
    Niggas watch and wait
    Niggas love to complain
    Niggas love to hear themselves talk but hate to explain
    Niggas love being another mans judge and jury
    Niggas procrastinate until it's time to worry
    Niggas love to be late
    Niggas hate to hurry"

    yes MLK this is what you took all those ass whooping for.

  • They are the Racist Ones Now

    The worst part is, despite black only scholarships, black only fraternities and sororities, black only awards, and even a TV station devoted entirely to black entertainment, they still claim whites are the privileged ones, and this is coming from someone who is half Hispanic.

    No other races behaves like them. No other race burns buildings and kills cops whenever a police shooting happens, no other race tolerates race baiters like Al Sharpton, and no other race is keeping America so divided.

  • "Blacks" and "People(s) of Color" use the pigment of their skin to gain advantages in society.

    In too many cases, African-Americans have gotten away with more destruction, chaos, and havoc than any other race. I understand that "Black(s)" faced persecution throughout history, but most people overlook the minor details that society conveniently pushed under the rug (just look at the Transatlantic-Trade, piracy in/around Africa, and the violence/corruption among the broken countries).
    Recently, a "C-List Actress", Jada Pinkett Smith, created and added to the "Black double standard". Please notice, she did not complain about the NBA, NFL, or the BET Awards "lack of diversity". Mrs. Smith is just one of many people who stir the social media frenzy. If we go back to Baltimore or St. Louis, do riots really help anything? Does throwing the "chairs of justice" at the innocent "windows of white corruption" or looting stores advance the black movement? In essence, African-Americans only use their skin color to take advantage of others or society.

  • Try to understand the Black experience in America.

    Racial bias does not happen in a vacuum. The arguments made in favor of the motion seem to assume everyone arrived in America yesterday and certain communities started organizations that gave preference to particular races. How can the long tradition in America of severe and systemic racial bias and discrimination be ignored? Black families in America have been systematically oppressed for over 400 years in the Americas. Is it reasonable to expect all racial bias to disappear in just a couple generations since legal racial segregation was repealed in the 1960s? Also, I find it laughably ignorant to demand others with a radically different experience with race and privilege in America simply get over it. Equating having one television station explicitly devoted to the Black community with white privilege is an extreme example of White Privilege itself.

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