In your opinion, should children have more rights?

Asked by: mercurychild
  • Children need rights

    I absolutely hate it when someone says something bad about children. We should rise up. I heard somewhere, that on 1/30/18, all the kids in the world , if willing, will stop talking for 5 minuted starting at 12:00 pm. This is to spread children's power awareness. I adree with this, but also disagree alittle. I will be doing it. Join if you would like, but do not feel obligated.

  • Children should have more rights

    There is many things that us children should have. Yes I'm a 14 year old "child". First of all I think the age limit for a job should be lowered to 12 or 13. I feel that's when I had the most desire for a job to earn money for hanging out with friends, going to the mall, movies, etc. I did have the privilege of allowance but I didn't fell I deserved it and it was coming out of my parents pocket. I ref soccer now but it's not the same as a real job. There are so many other points I could use but I have to go to the next class now.

  • Children should not be abused

    I think we give kids plenty of rights. But we also have to teach them responsibility. Anton Le Vey once said "Indulgence not Compulsion" . Though I'm not a Le Vey Satanist I live by that belief. It is okay to indulge (depending on the situation) but don't become an addict. I also believe that kids should be able to decide what they want to believe in as long as it doesn't harm others. While I don't hate religion I believe that it has been more harmful than beneficial. This is why I chose to be an atheistic Satanist and remain politically independent. We should teach our children to be responsible but we should also teach them to mind their own business as well.

  • What do they need rights for?

    I do not believe that children should have more rights since they don't need rights, they have a job and that is to get good grades in school. That is enough of a challenge for most children. And by rights what rights would you want to grant to children, i had right such as being able to drive, consume alcohol, and purchase fire arms. I do believe that some rights could be given, but it is not a priority as the youth of america is not being oppressed in any major way.

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